Outsourcing vs In-house Social Media Management: Which is best?

Words you won’t hear from other Marketing Agencies: You should manage your own social media in-house…

You might say – ‘What the? If you can make money off me, why would you tell me to do it myself?’

I know, I know, in an industry that’s notoriously sleazy and salesy it’s almost unheard of for an agency to turn down dollar signs.

After 7+ years of working alongside small businesses in social media management, we’ve discovered the secret is to empower small businesses to achieve their own success.

1. You don’t need to be a ‘tech guru’ to manage social media

Other aspects of digital marketing such as paid ads, email marketing, and website development require time and training in the tech space to build your skillset, social media doesn’t. It’s likely your mum, dad and aunt are all using social media; trust me – if they can do it, you can too. You just need the guidance and strategy from experienced professionals to post content your audience will actually engage with. Once you’ve nailed the strategy that goes into content and engagement, you’ll find your rhythm to managing your own accounts.

2. You’ll save money + customer frustration with quicker responses

As much as we love to know the ins and outs of our client’s businesses, we can’t know everything about your business. So when those DMs come in from customers asking for information on your product or service, it’s best it comes directly from the business owner.Not only will you be able to respond quicker to DMs, but this kind of access to your customer is invaluable. When you or someone on your team chats to customers directly:
– you have a better understanding  of your customers’ pain points and how your content can provide value to them,
– It helps you understand FAQs for your product pages and website
– and it highlights the obstacles your customers are experiencing throughout the purchase process.

When your strategy is audience-focused instead of all “buy from us” posts, you’ll be amazed at how your engagement grows. And this only happens when you have direct conversations with your audience.

3. You’ll authentically connect with and understand your audience

The days of social media being perfectly curated are over. Audiences are no longer relating to anxiety-induced perfectionism that used to be the rage. So what do we do instead? The answer is native content.

In 2022,  the new trend is native or ‘TikTok style’ content. The organic and natural nature of this content helps build trust and relatability in your brand. It’s effective, it’s engaging and it’s welcoming.

And the good news? You can do it yourself and it often takes less time than designing a perfect graphic – no agency fee required!

That’s why we created this 30-Day Content Calendar for you to start planning your content (for FREE)


4. You can re-invest in other areas of digital marketing you can’t do yourself

Your business’s digital marketing machine has many gears, and in order for your business to really take off, all the gears need to be working together for it to be truly effective. A great social media account needs to lead to a well-designed and conversion-rate optimised website, with brilliant sales copy and quality photography. Your audience also needs the ability to sign up for emails, and find you through paid ads (TikTok, Google, Pinterest, Facebook +  Youtube) and of course through search engines.

No one person can effectively manage all these gears. It takes years of practice to learn the skills and strategy it takes to manage these components. If you can save money managing your own social media account, you can re-invest into an agency that has the skills and strategy to manage these gears.

5. You can’t afford to ignore your Social Media Management

Whilst the other gears are important, it is essential you have the foundations established with a solid social media strategy and proven audience engagement before investing in paid advertising. And here’s why:

Businesses that consistently employ social selling strategies are 40% more likely to achieve their revenue goals than those that don’t engage in social selling. 

As well, having a strategic social media presence helps reduce ad costs, understand your audiences’ needs and desires to produce better content, and helps you lay solid foundations to future-proof your business.

The bottom line: relationships equal growth.

We know how overwhelming managing your own social media accounts can be, though. We talk to so many of our clients who feel confused and overwhelmed by the constant algorithm and content changes on social media platforms.

The good news? You don’t have to go it alone.

While we encourage you to manage your own social media account or hire someone in-house to manage it, we do know that clients who work with us via our educational courses, mentorship services, and digital resources feel:

  • clearer about the how and why of their social media strategy
  • end up saving hours and hours of time that would have been spent on trial and error and analysis paralysis
  • grow their social media accounts with engaged followers who become lifelong customers

Ready to stop putting social media management to the end of your to-do list every week? Here’s how we can help:

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