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We’re ensuring the world’s best brands keep up with it.

We’ve re-imagined how we support clients by keeping what works, and fixing what doesn’t. This unique combination of consulting and done-for-you marketing services allows you to create marketing success from within your own brand, leaning on us as experts to drive your strategy and support the execution.

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“This growth is epic for us. Thank you Team Birdcage.” – The Food Farm

The Food Farm


Marketing Strategists

who push the boundaries to be better.

As a business builder, you don’t have time to stay ahead of changing marketing trends and navigate a way through. As marketing consultants who live and breathe this work; we do. We recognise our role is to push the boundaries of digital platforms, the mindset of our clients and ourselves to drive measurable growth that can’t be stopped by a simple algorithm change.

It’s how we help brands (big and small) get clear on their marketing messages and make a plan to use digital marketing platforms systematically to grow their audience online to make more sales in their business. We then support our brands to execute their highly targeted campaigns by teaching them, holding them accountable and where required, taking on the project to do it for them.



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marketing psychology  /  neuroaesthetics  /  strategic content creation  / cutting-edge digital marketing strategy

Business is about people.

Marketing is about connection.

Grounded in strategy, built on psychology, and powered by innovation. With decades of experience working with diverse brands, including small to large businesses and government organisations, we have developed the MarketPsych™ Marketing Method. Our approach cuts through digital marketing fads to attract your most profitable audiences and guide them towards becoming loyal customers.


For small business, big business, government and not-for-profits

At Birdcage, we understand that different businesses have different needs. That’s why our marketing method transcends limitations of business size, type, industry, or stage-of-business. By focusing on the customer rather than the business, and leveraging human psychology and digital marketing platforms, we create universally positive outcomes for our clients.

You can choose how to work with us, whether it’s learning from us, consulting with us, or handing over your entire digital marketing strategy to us.

“This is what I was missing.”
– The Cactus Co

The Cactus Co


Experience that shows itself


"I feel confident now and no longer shying away from getting my name out there, because I know Birdcage has my back."

– Naomi Beth, The Naughty Oracle


"If you get the chance to work with Birdcage, I hope you enjoy it as much as me."

– Cat Green, Everyday Empowered


"Maddy is highly knowledgeable. I highly recommend.

– Melissa Rogers, Mackay Regional Council


"We've been able to achieve all our goals in a couple months with Birdcage."

– Kade Anderson, Anderson Chiropractic


"You're already on to it before I think to mention it."

– Casey Allen, Chasing Case

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With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, our Founder Maddy Avery is leading the way by educating other marketers in the MarketPsych™ Marketing Method. Maddy is trusted by government organizations and serves as a guest lecturer at James Cook University, shaping the new wave of marketers to better the industry.

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