Understanding Marketing Funnels: Do You Need One?

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, marketing strategies have become increasingly sophisticated, and the concept of a "marketing funnel" has gained significant prominence. However, many people are left wondering, "What is a marketing funnel, and do I need...

Ultimate eCommerce Email Marketing Strategies Revealed

Hey there, in the fast-paced world of e-commerce, email marketing is a tried-and-true method to boost sales, engage customers, and foster brand loyalty. But are you making the most of it? In this blog post, we're going to spill the beans on the best email marketing...

The Silent Supporters: Your Social Media Lurkers Are The Real MVPs

In the bustling realm of social media, it's easy to overlook the silent majority—the lurkers. These individuals silently consume your content, rarely leaving a trace. However, they possess immense value for your brand. In this blog post, we unveil the secrets behind...

How to Grow Your Social Media Audience in 2023

By now, you know that social media is a powerful tool for brands to connect with their target audience. But are you truly tapping into its potential? As a Marketing Strategist with a special interest in organic marketing, I'll explore the power of organic social media...

The Importance of Visual Branding in Digital Marketing

Your visual brand is often the first thing customers will notice and remember about you. Which is why visual branding plays a pivotal role in creating a strong and memorable identity in the minds of consumers. Whether it's a logo, website design, social media feed, or...

Meta Ads: the cheapest way to start growing your business today

Beware of Meta Ads experts on TikTok handing out blanket advice that will inevitably steer your small business marketing down a confusing and expensive path. Some of the latest advice encourages you to dive straight into conversion campaigns and that everything else...

What is a Brand Bible, and Why Do Businesses Need One?

At Birdcage Marketing, we know that building a strong brand is essential for success in today's competitive marketplace. But how do you ensure that your brand is consistent and effective across all channels and touchpoints? One powerful tool to help you do this is a...

If your digital marketing success has been unintentional, it’s time to take a step back and strategise

Are you a business owner or internal marketer who has seen success through digital marketing? Congratulations! You've managed to get a platform or two to work for you. But let's be honest, the success you've generated has probably been unintentional, right?  ...

Why Content is King

When it comes to content marketing, the goal is to provide your target audience with valuable information that addresses their needs and interests. By creating content that speaks directly to your ideal customer, you can establish your brand as an authority in your...

What’s a full-funnel marketing strategy?

Let us guess, you've been told by 6 different marketers 6 different platforms you should be using to promote your business online? Digital marketing today means businesses are presented with an overwhelming amount of marketing options, from social media and email...

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Unashamedly Better.

Birdcage Marketing™ is the Marketing Agency for Brands Who Are Meant For More

Unashamedly Better.

Birdcage Marketing™ is the Marketing Agency for Brands Who Are Meant For More


How can we help you?

With our experience of working with over 1,200 businesses of all sizes, across diverse industries and growth stages, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Regardless of your budget or time availability, all our clients benefit from our structured approach using the MindOver Marketing™ System.

Birdcage Marketing School™


The most cost-effective way to learn our approach. This powerful self-paced, digital school of marketing resources will be the single best investment you’ll ever make in your business (and for yourself). It’s the strategic method, the actionable steps, the platform execution, and the million-dollar mindset, all in one.

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Birdcage™ Certified Mentoring


Work with our senior strategists 1-on-1 as we mentor and help you develop your strategy and skills as you build a complete marketing funnel with our support.

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Birdcage™ Agency


The fastest and most hands-off approach available. From Birdcage™ Certified Strategies, to high-converting Website Development.

Apply to work with a team of experts, utilising our signature MindOver Marketing™ System, to elevate your business like no other.

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    Business is about people, and people is what we’re about.

    Born in a corner of Australia and serving brands globally, Birdcage Marketing was built on a single belief. That limitless business growth happens when brands focus on understanding and making the lives of their customers better. It’s what drives us and what drives the work we deliver for our clients.

    Almost a decade on, unashamedly better than the industry average and who we were yesterday, we’ve helped over 3,000 paying clients and millions more through our digital channels become unashamedly better than they were before they found us.

    “This growth is epic for us. Thank you Team Birdcage.” – The Food Farm

    Bettering all types of business

    Marketing Agency Services

    Our unique method has a track record of success across a diverse range of brands, both large and small, old and new, from every industry imaginable. We don’t just recycle old campaigns; we craft a tailored strategy that’s carefully adjusted to fit the specific phase of your business, targeting the right audience to achieve your individual goals.

    Strategy / understand your audience and build a clear action plan

    Mentoring & Consulting / Steal our genius for yourself

    Branding & Websites / Build a strong foundation

    Organic & Paid Marketing Campaigns / Outsourced marketing that delivers results


    A marketing agency with clear direction

    A marketing agency with clear direction
    A marketing agency with clear direction


    Doing everything to the best of our ability, with the tools and knowledge we have available


    Looking Forward

    Predicting future trends, optimising current activities


    Deep Connections

    Deeply understanding the thoughts, feelings, goals and limitations of others



    Being disciplined to focus on what matters and letting go of what doesn't


    360° Success

    Success in all areas of life, not just business


    Looking to learn ?

    Become a Digital Marketing bad*ss with Birdcage Marketing School™

    Learn our very own proven, psychology-based growth system business with our comprehensive library of training videos, tools, and templates. Create a lasting brand presence and generate the conversions you know your business is capable of! Everything you ever need to learn about digital marketing to grow your brand - in one place.

    Nothing left to prove, just to improve

    The Marketing Agency educating other agencies

    While most digital marketing agencies are still figuring it out (with our help!) we’re working on perfecting how brands do digital marketing. With an industry rife with quick fixes and inexperienced advisors, we don’t just navigate the digital space, we define it.

    Beyond what we do through the agency and Birdcage Marketing School, we’re trusted as industry thought leaders. We lecture at universities, train government and corporate teams, upskill fellow agencies and freelancers and are accredited Queensland Government Business Growth Mentors.

    We take our role as industry leaders seriously, upskilling our wider communities through the Not-So Kind Regards™ Podcast, our THE WORM email newsletter, Instagram and TikTok accounts.

    Our systematic yet agile approach to digital marketing is grounded in marketing psychology, structured by our signature marketing funnel and powered by our passion to always be better.


    Faces of Birdcage™

    The marketing agency for better experience and results


    "I went from $5k to $95k months with Birdcage in less than 1 year."

    Dallas, Founder / True Colours
    [Fashion Brand]


    "With Birdcage, we doubled our appointments and are now fully booked."

    Dr Kade Anderson, Principal / Anderson Health Chiropractic


    "Highly knowledgeable. I highly recommend Birdcage to anyone looking to upskill their teams in digital marketing."

    – Melissa Rogers, Communications Coordinator / Mackay Regional Council


    "They really care about the best outcome and making sure we are on the same page."

    David Johnson, Founder / Home Loan Partners


    "The team really know their stuff & look after you throughout the entire process. The Strategy, Logo and Website have created the foundation for my brand & I'm excited to work with Birdcage again in the future as my business grows."

    Danielle Baker, Owner / Bare Bookkeeping


    "The website looks amazing, and we've alreadv received an influx of positive feedback. A few of our long-term team members were even a little emotional. Your team's expertise, creativity and hard work truly shine through."

    hastings + co

    Meet the Team

    Marketing Agency services in Australia + Worldwide


    Mackay, Australia
      Head Office and Birdcage Studios

    Sunshine Coast, Australia
      Hub Office

    Sydney, Australia
      Satellite Office

    Cairns, Australia
      Hub Office

    Munich, Germany
      Hub Office

    All locations by appointment only.


    The Birdcage™ Universe:

    More than just a Marketing Agency

    Birdcage Marketing™ – where it started.
    About the Agency >

    Birdcage Marketing School™ – launched in August 2023 and already with hundred’s of students, its where we teach newer entrepreneurs and marketer how to do what we do.
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    Birdcage Studios™ – Central/Norths Queensland’s only multi-purpose creative and events space.
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