About Birdcage Marketing

In a league of our own and don’t we know it

A New Kind of Digital Marketing Agency

Since 2015, Birdcage Marketing has enabled over 700 business owners to launch, grow or scale their business to fulfil their highest potential both professionally and personally.

We are Australia’s dedicated provider of full-service, full-funnel, multi-platform marketing campaigns for brands at every stage of business, and the trusted voice in digital marketing for business-to-consumer brands with smarts and ambition.

At our core, we believe digital marketing has become unmanageable for business owners to succeed on their own. This is a huge problem considering digital marketing is the core avenue for business success – especially in the post-COVID landscape. What started as an opportunity for even the smallest business to see success, has become a highly competitive, highly technical and ever-changing landscape with unqualified “experts” at every turn.



We’re changing the game through a new kind of digital marketing agency. One that shares industry secrets by prioritising a personalised experience underpinned by evidence-based strategies, proven tactics and leverages the tools usually reserved for big business (including sales funnels, behavioural psychology and cross-platform campaigns).

With the skill to manage million-dollar marketing budgets yet the resourcefulness to establish new brands and grow everyone in-between, we customise our services based on your stage of business. We walk the path to success with you, to lead you to harness your full potential.

But what does this have to do with marketing?

We stay far away from “bro” marketing tactics that are only in it for the quick, often ambiguous sale. These tactics only lead to short-term success.

Because a business built only on sales is a business built on sand.

We help you solve real customer problems through your brand.  This creates a solid foundation of lasting relationships and loyal, raving fans, leading to a lasting and exponential growth in sales.



Why we're here

To demystify digital marketing to create more entrepreneurial success stories


How we do it

Inspire and enable entrepreneurs at every stage to harness the power of digital to build their business and reach their potential


Our Essential Intent

Champion the growth of 5,000 B2C brands by 2025

They have been instrumental in building my business.

I could not rate Birdcage highly enough.


Performance in Health

Tanya Edwards

Expert support that I could rely upon.

Professional, responsive and affordable!


Hummingbird Careers

Erica Hatfield

Birdcage will get your business in front of customers who want to buy.

And they’ll make the process easy, painless and value for money.

social media advertising agency in sydney working with small business client pig and pilgrim at birdcage marketing

Pig & Pilgrim

Alex Carlton

They take the time to ‘get it’.

So that they can craft unique selling points that truly align with my brand values.


Day Seven

Molly Kent

The most important part is that they get my brand.

They don’t try and force it into a cookie cutter campaign, simply replicating what everyone else does.


Little Human Linens

Kellee Eriksson

We are already seeing fantastic results.

And I honestly just wish I engaged with the company when I first started!

social media experts melbourne birdcage marketing working with dance school client geelong dance movement

Geelong Dance Movement

Nikki Hyland

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We work with great companies of all sizes and we’ve helped big name brands grow even bigger.

What we’re here for

Our values shape who we are, what we do & how we do it

Grow With Purpose

Be in control of where you’re headed

Own Your S**t

Be unapologetic, celebrate your wins and own your shortfalls to get there faster

Deliver + Delight

Take responsibility to deliver what you promise and go above and beyond to exceed expectations

Driven By Mastery

Lead Innovation and drive world-class outcome

We know we're not for everyone, and that's for a reason.

We live by the mantra that if you’re not purpose-built for a particular type of person or brand, you’re built for no one. And we live by what we preach.

In 2020, we actively made the decision to no longer take on every type of brand we had availability for and instead become far more selective with the types of brands we partner with.

Whilst this feels counter-intuitive to growth, it achieved the opposite and our clients have felt all the benefits of working with a purpose-built team that specialises in launching and growing business-to-consumer brands.


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