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Your answer to "I don't know what to post"

Does this sound like you? 

You sit down at your computer and you don’t know what to post, how often to post, or even what you feed should look like.

You get so confused when you try to keep up with social media “gurus” who give you tips here and there but nothing that will give you the confidence to post like a social media pro.

You don’t know how to out-smart the algorithm.

GOOD NEWS!! We have the solution to your social media woes.

Registrations Now Open

The Social Crash Course – Group Training

This ultra practical, juicy live training gives you the most up-to-date advice for exploding your Instagram in 2022.

Our social media consultants are here to take away all this pain.


The pain of knowing when to post. What to post. Where to post.

The pain of crafting the perfect caption that’s *actually* going to get people to comment.

The pain of knowing what your audiences will love to engage with.

The pain of wasting your evenings, clutching your phone whilst your home life swirls around you.

What you will learn

In this training, we cover: 

  • $Crafting your target audience personas
  • $How to define your social media aesthetic
  • $How to develop your content pillars to make content creation quick and streamlined
  • $How to draft the perfect caption that converts
  • $Hashtags - Are they still relevant?
  • $How to use social selling tools in a way that feels authentic
  • $The latest engagement tactics we're using right now to scale brands on Instagram

Don't just take our word for it

See what others are saying about our social media course

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to attend the Social Media Crash Course.

The 90mins course was very insightful.  I am glad that Maddy made the training small so it feels intimate and personal.  Maddy always gave us the attention to any questions that we may have as small business owners while giving us some extra tips that we can immediately apply.  I highly recommend to any small business owners to take this course and ask as many questions as possible to Maddy as she has so much knowledge in the digital media space.


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The Social Crash Course – Group Training


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