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Birdcage™ Certified Mentorship

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Birdcage™ Certified Mentorship


Imagine having a dedicated mentor, who knows how to take your business to the next level.

  • $Who can see you've had some initial success, either building your own brand or someone else's, and can see the path you need to take to grow.
  • $Who can upskill your internal marketing team, and handle the training and mentoring of your staff.
  • $A mentor who helps you strategise, build, and optimise not just your marketing funnel, but your marketing mindset as well.
  • $To grow your audiences, grow your sales, and grow your impact.
  • $By focusing only on the most impactful activities.
  • $Saving you time, money, and frustration (and avoiding the disappointment when another campaign falls flat).
That’s what you’ll experience with Birdcage™ Certified Mentoring using our MindOver Marketing™ System.

    Why you’ll love Mentoring

    Birdcage™ Certified Mentoring is a premium, psychology-informed mentoring programme tailored for business owners and corporate marketers.

    Each mentoring relationship is customised to you as an individual, ensuring you receive maximum value from your investment.

    Following our proven MindOver Marketing™ System, and after almost a decade of running live campaigns and adapting to the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, we know what drives success.

    The first marketing red flag is operating without a robust strategy. The second – is taking unintentional or no action (can you relate?).

    “But I already know what I have to do – I want someone to do it for me.”

    We bring the expertise and accountability

    Knowing what needs to be done is important, but actually doing it effectively is where Birdcage shines.

    We bring the expertise and accountability to not only support you in carrying out your strategy, but also refining it.

    This ensures your efforts are focused and effective, driven by our deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer psychology.

    We also hold your vision for you.

    Entrepreneurs, especially, are creative, multi-passionate beings who benefit from being held accountable to achieve their goals.

    This applies to every client we’ve ever assisted.

    Because no other team is as committed to consumer psychology and client results as we are.

    The Benefits of Birdcage™ Certified Mentorship

    Whilst there are countless benefits to this mentoring, 100% of our mentoring clients have told us they now have:

    • Clarity around who their target audience is
    • Strong direction on how to present themselves as a magnetic brand
    • Confidence in their communication style, content topics, and choice of platforms, including specific content creation examples
    • A deep understanding of the customer journey: from awareness to loyalty and beyond
    • A fully built and optimised marketing funnel that creates results through a variety of digital marketing channels

    Plus, with access to all Birdcage™ Trainings, Tools, and Templates from Birdcage Marketing School™, we equip you to execute your strategies independently, with precision.


    Fee Structure: Pricing +GST within Australia.

    Timings & Milestones

    Next mentoring cohort availability:
    2 weeks until the next intake.
    Hurry, apply now – only 1 spots left

    Once the Mentorship is complete, you have several options:

    Apply the insights independently

    Continue with further consulting sessions to refine your approach

    Extend your mentoring to include outsourced packages


    Escape the endless cycle of ad hoc tactics and opt for a psychology-based approach that delivers real results.

    The Process:

    1. Fill out the application form.
    2. If successful, we’ll contact you to complete onboarding and book your first strategy session. If unsuccessful, we’ll recommend alternative options.
    3. Mentoring Sessions: Enjoy a 60-minute session every two weeks
    4. In between sessions, receive up to one hour of email support per month
    5. Continuously access Birdcage™ resources as needed to support your learning and application.

    The Deliverables

    Birdcage™ Certified Mentoring

    • $12 x 60-minute mentoring calls over 6 months (call every 2-weeks)
    • $1 Hour Email support between calls each month
    • $Full access to Birdcage™ Trainings, Tools, and Templates as prescribed by your mentor

    Our Mentoring Team


    Caroline Moss

    Senior Marketing Strategist
    • Advanced Birdcage™ Certified Strategist & Mindset Mentor

    • Co-Host of top charting Not-So Kind Regards™ Podcast

    • Bachelor of Arts (Communication)

    • 15+ Years Experience in Marketing

    • Accredited Queensland Government Growth Mentor


    Maddy Birdcage

    Founder & CEO
    • Bachelor of Arts (Media) and Master of Arts (Advertising)
    • Accredited Queensland Government Growth Mentor
    • University Guest Lecturer for Undergraduate and MBA Students

    What’s the secret to marketing mentorship that gets results?

    Bettering all types of business

    Our MindOver Marketing™ System

    MindOver Marketing™, crafted by Birdcage Marketing™, isn’t just a marketing strategy; it’s the cornerstone of our success. Developed by our founder, Maddy Birdcage, this system has been meticulously refined through rigorous testing with clients and in our campaigns.

    Since 2015, we’ve navigated every significant shift in digital marketing, from Google SEO overhauls to social media algorithm updates, the advent of TikTok, and even Apple’s privacy changes. Our experience has taught us that enduring brands are built on authentic connections with people, not merely by keeping up with online trends.

    At Birdcage™, we’re driven by the belief that business is fundamentally about people. Effective marketing and sales aren’t just about transactions; they’re about empowering customers to achieve their greatest potential. By harnessing psychological insights to engage audiences and elevate the mindset of our clients and students, we’re committed to forging a better world. Join us in making an impact with strategic digital marketing that truly speaks to your audience, pushes your brand forward, and enhances the world.

    Our Experience

    Established in 2015, we’ve supported thousands of brands over the past decade. Our experience includes (but is not limited to):
    Luxury Market
    • Designer fashion brands
    • Premium spirits and wines
    • Superyachts & luxury yacht brokers
    • Luxury real estate
    • Fine jewellery
    Parenting & Motherhood
    • Educational toys and games
    • Parenting apps and platforms
    • Family counseling services
    • Baby and toddler clothing
    • Parenting books and media
    • Mother & Child Gift Boxes
    • Maternity & Breastfeeding Fashion
    • Children’s feeding & mealtime wares
    Pets & Animals
    • Veterinary clinics
    • Pet grooming and boarding services
    • Animal health products
    • Pet training services
    • Raw dog food delivery
    • Dog Accessories
    • Dog business coaches & software providers
    • Furniture and home furnishings
    • Gardening and landscaping services
    • Home automation and smart home tech
    • Home renovation services
    • Appliance manufacturers
    • Local builders
    • Home decor brands
    • Interior designers
    • Chefs & meal delivery brands
    • Local painters, plumbers, electricians
    Health & Wellness Services
    • Yoga studios and fitness centres
    • Nutritional supplements
    • Wellness retreats and spas
    • Health food stores
    • Personal fitness trainers
    • Local hair salons
    • Dentists
    • Chiropractors
    • Mental Health Providers
    • Plastic Surgeons & Aestheticians
    • Energy healers
    • Crystals and essential oil brands
    Online Coach and Course Providers
    • E-learning platforms
    • Personal development coaches
    • Language tutors and schools
    • Software training providers
    • Artistic and creative workshops
    • Career coaching
    • Nurse Burnout coach
    • Mental Health coaches
    • Bookkeeping coaches
    • Business coaches
    • Financial investing coaches
    Professional Services
    • Legal services and law practices
    • Financial advisors and wealth management
    • Human resources consulting
    • Architectural firms
    • Engineering consultants
    • Law firms
    • Accountants & bookkeepers
    • Other marketing agencies and freelancers
    • Other Web designers
    • IT providers
    • Corporate consultants
    • Packaged foods and confectionery
    • Beverages
    • Personal care products
    • Home cleaning products
    Technology & Innovation
    • Software development companies
    • Tech startups
    • Renewable energy solutions
    Entertainment & Media
    • Film and video production companies
    • Music labels and production
    • Publishing houses
    • Event planning and management
    Fashion & Apparel
    • Boutique clothing stores
    • Sportswear and activewear brands
    • Fashion accessory brands
    • Footwear companies
    • Children’s apparel
    Food & Beverage
    • Restaurants and cafes
    • Craft breweries and distilleries
    • Specialty food producers
    • Catering services
    • Food delivery startups
    Travel & Tourism
    • Travel agencies
    • Hotel and resort chains
    • Tour operators
    • Adventure travel companies
    • Cultural heritage sites
    Sports & Recreation
    • Sports clubs and teams
    • Outdoor equipment brands
    • Fitness equipment manufacturers
    • Recreation centres
    • Sports coaching and camps



    "How is the mentoring tailored to my specific needs?"

    Whilst we follow our proven MindOver Marketing™ system, each mentoring relationship is customised to your individual needs and business context. We start with a detailed assessment of your current marketing strategies and objectives, and then continuously adapt our guidance to ensure it aligns with your evolving goals.

    "What if I need more support between scheduled calls?"

    Included in your mentoring program is email support to address any urgent questions or challenges that arise between our bi-weekly calls. This ensures you have the continuous support needed to make confident decisions and adjustments.

    "What outcomes can I expect from the mentoring program?"

    Mentoring clients typically see improved strategic execution, enhanced marketing skills, and greater overall confidence in their marketing decisions. You’ll gain not just knowledge, but also practical tools and methods to sustain growth independently. Please check our case studies to see feedback and examples of past clients.

    "Can I put my staff through this program?"

    Absolutely. We are often brought on to train new or existing employees and manage them as a Virtual Marketing Manager and Professional Mentor. As the business owner/team leader, we can provide you with reports and updates to ensure you’re across their performance.

    "Can I access Birdcage Marketing School™ resources during the mentoring?"

    Absolutely. You’ll have access to all Birdcage Marketing School™ Trainings, Tools, and Templates as prescribed by your mentor. These resources are designed to complement your mentoring experience, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and save you time with practical applications at your fingertips.

    "Who will be my mentor?"

    You’ll be matched with one of our experienced Birdcage mentors, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in marketing and a deep understanding of our psychology-driven approach.

    Our mentors are not just teachers; they are active practitioners, running live campaigns in-market, dedicated to your growth and certified in (if not part of the development team) of our MindOver Marketing™ system.

    "How does this mentoring differ from general business coaching?"

    Your mentoring is intensely focused on strategic marketing using a psychology-based framework. Unlike broader business coaching, it’s specifically designed to deepen your marketing knowledge and enhance your capacity to drive successful marketing initiatives. Moreover, our mentors are held to tight performance reviews and a systematic approach ensuring your education and support is quality assured.

    "What’s included in the fee for the 6-month mentoring program?"

    The fee includes 12 x 60-minute mentoring sessions over 6 months, email support between calls, and access to Birdcage™ proprietary resources as prescribed by your mentor. This comprehensive package ensures you have all the support and materials needed to transform your marketing approach.

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