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A seasoned entrepreneur with a relentless passion for brand development and digital marketing.

With over 15 years of comprehensive marketing expertise, Maddy Avery (or Maddy Birdcage as she’s known online) has successfully partnered with businesses of all sizes to deliver results-driven marketing solutions.

Holding both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the field, Maddy brings a unique blend of educational acumen and practical experience to her work.

As Birdcage evolved and Maddy experienced firsthand the transformative power of the right marketing and the right mindset, Maddy sought to make a bigger impact. With a proven system and clear vision, Maddy’s focus shifted to education of her team, brand builders and fellow marketing professionals.

As a highly sought after guest speaker, content creator and educator, Maddy continues her mission to change how marketers think and work, starting within the walls of Birdcage Marketing™.


Brand Partnerships:

Maddy takes on a select number of brand collaborations, content creation and mentoring roles outside of her work at Birdcage. Use the form below to register your interest.


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Maddy is sought after as a guest speaker for events and podcasts, and as a contributor to various publications, universities and government bodies. Her direct yet heartfelt approach to sharing knowledge enables her to call out limiting behaviour and challenge the status quo, driving positive change in the industry.

If you’re interested in having Maddy contribute to your event, podcast, or publication, don’t hesitate to request her expertise. She welcomes the opportunity to share her decade and a half of marketing and business experience with others who are equally passionate about driving success.

Use the form to discuss how Maddy can add value to your next event, podcast, seminar or article.

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