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Have you been wondering, how to grow your business online?

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You’re following all the marketing gurus on Instagram, maybe downloading an e-book or two from these ‘specialists’ but you still feel like you’re scrambling to do your own marketing.

IntroducingThe Birdcage Marketing Vault

The Birdcage Marketing Vault replaces hours of pointless YouTubing, Googling, and wasting time with “experts.” On it, we share our agency marketing secrets in our famous, savagely honest way.

We’re giving you all the tools + strategies you need to create your own agency-level marketing strategies to grow and scale your business – all created by our in-house marketing specialists. It’s like a Digital Marketing Agency in your pocket.

We’re so confident you’ll be hooked on our savagely-honest advice, we’re letting you try the Birdcage Marketing Vault FREE for 7-days.

Download now and let’s watch your business grow

In The Birdcage Marketing Vault, you’ll learn:

Our Bird-Eye Growth Formula

Our proven growth formula that we’ve used to grow and scale brands, like yours, using proven digital marketing strategies.


Target Audience Profiling

How to delve deep into your business’ target audience, their pain points, and what drives them on a subconscious level. All so your marketing messages hit the right audience, at the right time.

Social Media Strategies

Find our specialist strategy to grow and nurture your following, with all the tips and tricks you need to know to beat the Instagram algorithm.

You’ll also learn the hooks + call to actions you need to capture your audience’s attention and turn them into loyal followers, and sales.


Email Marketing

With an impressive ROI of $36 for every $1 spent, our e-mail marketing guide will tell you everything you need on how to take advantage of this organic form of marketing – no ad spend required!


Learning Resources Coming Soon

We’re updating our resources constantly; each month you can expect a fresh drop of content you can action in your business straight away.

Websites + Conversions (COMING SOON)

Your website can make or break your sales. So, we’ll teach you how to boost your conversion rate using the latest UX strategies.

PLUS, how to SEO-optimise your site and how to craft copy that SELLS.

Marketing Plan + Sales Funnel (COMING SOON)

We’ll teach you the psychology behind a marketing funnel and why it WORKS.

We’ll then give you a how-to on creating your own sales funnel so you can master your business’s marketing, like a pro.


We’ll build your knowledge on the art & science of paid ads, while teaching you everything you need to know about building agency-level campaigns that resonate with your audience and CONVERT.

Business Mindset Mastery (COMING SOON)

Birdcage Founder & CEO Maddy Avery, will teach you the challenges she experiences in business and how she overcame them to become a 6-figure business owner.

Lead Generation (COMING SOON)

Learn how to craft the ultimate offer to attract quality leads and explode your revenue-generating email list.


User Generated Content: what is it and why it’s an integral part of your content marketing and sales strategy.

PLUS So much more…

Digital Marketing is constantly changing. You’ll be notified whenever we drop new or updated resources so that you’ll always have the latest advice at your fingertips.

Are you ready to explode your biz?

  • What's Inside?
  • $A continuously updated video Training Library that we use to up-skill our own staff from within the agency.
  • $Our ever-growing template library so you can plug and play - with all the groundwork already done for you.
  • $A private community, where you can connect and collaborate with fellow members of the community.
  • $Daily habit, sales, and marketing trackers to keep your eye on the prize.

Question Time

Can I become a member anytime?

Yes, once you become a member you will get access to our evergreen Training and Resource library, so you can watch-back all previous trainings and download all our templates.

What if I can’t attend a Live training session?

All training sessions and live Q&As are recorded so you can watch-back anytime.

What type of business is this suitable for?

We work with brands (service-based and product-based) who want to sell, without selling their soul. If you’re just starting a business, or been in business for a little while and starting to grow, this is for you.

How does the membership work?

Depending on your chosen subscription level, you have uniimited access to app features. And because we know you’ll love it, there’s no lock-in contracts – cancel anytime!

What if I realise the app isn’t for me?

No worries! You can cancel at any time. Once you learn our trade secrets they cannot be unlearned. We don’t offer refunds because you’ll forever change the way you do business.

I have a specific marketing question, who can I speak to?

All of the action takes place in the Private Community Group on the app, where you can submit questions and make requests for certain marketing topics that we help cover!

I know diddly-squat about marketing. Is this for complete beginners?

Absolutely. Whether you have no friggen idea about marketing, you’ve dabbled a little or you’re ready to build out a serious growth funnel; we have you covered. We deliver everything sans marketing jargon – meaning we speak to you like a human would! This isn’t designed for tertiary students, it’s tailored to business owners who just need to get in and get the work done.

The Time Is Now

Are you ready to become you own marketer and scale your business using proven strategies? 

Marketing coaches charge thousands for this type of advice.

But we make our dollars via our agency – not this app. And because we want you to succeed, you’ll pay $AU47 a month for never-ending new material, templates, and advice.

* You can download the app straight away on your Apple device, alternatively you can use browser version with the android version coming very soon!

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