Meet the Team

Can’t stop won’t stop.

The Team

Meet the core members of the Birdcage Marketing team. We also collaborate with several talented freelancers for more specialised projects. This allows us to access the best person for the job whilst passing on cost savings to you.


Maddy Avery


Name Maddy
Star Sign Virgo
Morning Tonic Latte Macchiato + big glass of water
Favourite Quote “Where focus goes, energy flows”
How I keep my sparkle Beach walks listening to podcasts, hypnosis and plant-based diet
Soundtrack to my life Spotify Playlist: Jazz Vibes
My Insta feed is full of… Interior design, fashion + travel
Favourite platform TikTok
Spirit Animal Butterfly
Qualifications + Experience Bachelor of Arts (Media) – Macquarie University
Master of Arts (Advertising) – University of Technology, Sydney
Started my career in a creative agency in Sydney in 2009 and haven’t left agency-land since!

Colleen Gould


Name Colleen
Star Sign Pisces
Morning Tonic Tea
Favourite Quote What’s meant to be, will be ✨
How I keep my sparkle Exercise, getting outdoors + retail therapy
Soundtrack to my life I wish I was a Punk Rocker, Sandi Thom
My Insta feed is full of… Fashion, Fitness, Clean Eats + Australian Travellers
Favourite platform Instagram
Spirit Animal Whale
Qualifications + Experience Diploma of Management
Diploma of Human Resources Management
Manager as Coach Accredited
Manager as Accessor Accredited
Several Social Media courses

Jessica Steel


Name Jess
Star Sign Virgo
Morning Tonic Soy Cap no sugar
Favourite Quote “I am going to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life.”
– Elsie de Wolfe
How I keep my sparkle Time-out at home with my children. Early to bed once every few weeks. Gardening. A good old fashioned handwritten To-Do list on the daily.
Soundtrack to my life Either, this song on repeat:
Orchid – Black Sabbath
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 soundtrack
My Insta feed is full of… Interior design, art deco and art nouveau inspo, vegetarian recipes
Favourite platform Instagram and WordPress
Spirit Animal Tiger
Qualifications + Experience Bachelor of Communication Design, QUT Brisbane
Certificate of Business Writing, AIM Brisbane

Caroline Moss


Name Caroline
Star Sign Aries
Morning Tonic Almond milk half caff latte
Favourite Quote “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”
How I keep my sparkle Starting each new day with a grateful heart, patting my pupping dog, cuddling with my husband, the great outdoors and joyful movement
Soundtrack to my life Anything with a funky beat or thoughtful lyrics
My Insta feed is full of… Home interiors, food bloggers and dog reels
Favourite platform Instagram and Pinterest
Spirit Animal Whale
Qualifications + Experience 10+ years working in marketing and communications, bachelors degree in Communications, life-long learner

Julie Ta


Name Julie
Star Sign Leo
Morning Tonic Water or green tea
Favourite Quote “Start before you are ready.”
How I keep my sparkle Walking my puppy, switching on my diffuser, remembering to breath deeply.
Soundtrack to my life Neo soul jazz
My Insta feed is full of… Interior design, travel, DIYs, entrepreneurship & mindset, dogs
Favourite platform Most used – IG
Spirit Animal Otter
Qualifications + Experience Bachelor of Business (Marketing, Communications), Monash University

Ebony Wareing


Name Ebony
Star Sign Gemini
Morning Tonic Iced Latte
Favourite Quote “Be the person you want to have in your life.”
How I keep my sparkle Doing my FULL skincare routine
Soundtrack to my life Sticky Fingers
My Insta feed is full of… Travel, family, friends and my pup
Favourite platform It’s a tie between Instagram & TikTok
Spirit Animal Turtle
Qualifications + Experience Certificate IV & Diploma in Marketing & Communications, Certificate III in Tourism

Savannah Geisler


Name Savannah
Star Sign Scorpio
Morning Tonic Caramel Latte
Favourite Quote “Start before you’re ready”
How I keep my sparkle Journalling
Soundtrack to my life The Biebs
My Insta feed is full of… Graphic design & stationary
Favourite platform WordPress & Instagram
Spirit Animal The Spider
Qualifications + Experience Cert IV in Graphic Design

Aimee Lacy


Name Aimee
Star Sign Gemini sun, Taurus Moon, Leo Rising 😉
Morning Tonic Vanilla Latte on Almond 👌🏼
Favourite Quote “It’s more important to be of pure intention than of perfect action” ✨
How I keep my sparkle Journaling, Meditation, Getting lost in a good book and surrounding myself with beautiful and inspiring souls 🥰
Soundtrack to my life Rock/ Punk/ Heavy Metal will always be my favourite 🎸🤟🏼
My Insta feed is full of… Interior Design, Fashion, Wellness, and of course Dogs!
Favourite platform Instagram
Spirit Animal Hummingbird
Qualifications + Experience 4+ years Visual Merchandising / Styling at a global brand

Tahnee Randall


Name Tahnee
Star Sign Leo
Morning Tonic Ice Latte
Favourite Quote “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
How I keep my sparkle Drive with the windows down, sing my favourite songs and read
Soundtrack to my life 70s, 80s, 90s rock will always be in my playlists
My Insta feed is full of… Artwork, cats, fashion, beauty and gaming
Favourite platform Pinterest
Spirit Animal Cats or Ducks
Qualifications + Experience Cert II in Business
Cert II in Information
Digital Media and Technology
Currently studying: Digital Media



Harmony Brouff


Name Harmony
Star Sign Scorpio
Morning Tonic Latte on Soy
Favourite Quote “If you clean out a vacumn cleaner, you become a vacumn cleaner.”
How I keep my sparkle Travel often, nights with my besties and a glass of shiraz and putting my soul into my work
Soundtrack to my life Turn – The Wombats
My Insta feed is full of… Travel, dogs & wellness coaches
Favourite platform The Gram
Spirit Animal Siamese Fighting Fish
Qualifications + Experience Project management and project support experience in local government

Georgia Klingner


Name Georgia
Star Sign Gemini
Morning Tonic Iced Mocha
Favourite Quote “Everything is going to be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”
How I keep my sparkle Clean house, self-care and an adventure! 
Soundtrack to my life London Bridge – Fergie lol
My Insta feed is full of… Friends, Family and Travel 
Favourite platform Tiktok & Instagram
Spirit Animal Dog
Qualifications + Experience Bachelor of Digital Media 



Murphy Avery


Name Murphy
Star Sign Capricorn
Morning Tonic Fresh H2O
Favourite Quote “The best therapist has four legs.”
How I keep my sparkle Daily walks on the beach, pats from the Birdcage gals
Soundtrack to my life “Birdcage Vibes” Spotify playlist (look it up)
My Insta feed is full of… Posties
Favourite platform My owner’s bed
Spirit Animal … a dog
Qualifications + Experience 6 years guarding Birdcage HQ, maintaining team moral at an all-time high