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23 Aug 2022 | Digital Marketing, Growth, Mindset

Close your eyes and picture this: thousands of dollars in net profit, hundreds of five-star reviews and… reality check (whoops). You’re back home staring at a blinking cursor, trying to figure out how to start and grow your online business.

Unfortunately, your dream online business doesn’t grow overnight and produce those dreamy results within a few months of opening shop. It usually takes years of commitment and hard work, but it’s 100% possible and starting isn’t as hard as you may think.

If you’re not ready to devote yourself to your dream, you’re not ready to grow your business online. But if you’re an entrepreneurial go-getter ready to dive into building strong foundations to see unbelievable success, then let us show you where to start.


Build a Strong Mindset

Anyone who’s started a business understands the mental challenges that come with it. We’ve worked with more than 700 businesses in the past 7+ years of our agency. And the businesses that succeed are the ones run by owners who see challenges as opportunities to test their skills and knowledge rather than setbacks or signs to throw in the towel.

Building a strong mindset for growing a business starts with finding the right tools, guides and resources to lean on during the tough times. Find your passion within your brand values and vision and let them fuel you through the inevitable bumps in the road.

The Birdcage Marketing Vault is the perfect mindset tool to grow your marketing skills and resilient business mindset. Download the app now for a 7-day FREE Trial:

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Find Expert Advice

Seeking advice from educated, experienced individuals is arguably the best way to learn anything. It’s why we go to school for 12+ years and the online learning industry is growing at an unstoppable rate.

So, why wouldn’t you apply the same concept to grow your online business? When you understand what the experts do and apply to your own business, you’ll find a foolproof way to success.

However, we know the internet is full of self-proclaimed experts who regurgitate other’s advice without applying it to real-world situations. So where should you start?

First, identify the next needle moving action, task or strategy in your business. Is it operations, marketing or sales? Then dial it in and see where you can find advice that’s been proven to work with other businesses like yours.


Connect with Community Support

Finding a community with like-minded people that share your business interests and goals helps you problem-solve quicker, stay accountable with your action plan and find support during those inevitable challenging moments.

Trying to grow your business online – especially on your own – can be lonely and challenging. With a community, whether online or in-person, you will create connections and find opportunities that you couldn’t on your own.

So, how do you find this kind of support?

  • Look for local meetups and networking opportunities.
  • Connect with other business owners through Facebook (Meta) groups, Instagram DMs and Tik Tok accounts.
  • Find other online communities like the one in the Birdcage Marketing Vault

While growing your online business is going to take time and throw you challenge after challenge, we can honestly say it’s 100% worth it. Growing Birdcage Marketing and having the opportunity to support and grow so many other Australian businesses has been so much more rewarding than we ever imagined.

And with the three tools above, you’re bound to grow a successful, 6+ figure business that stands through the toughest economic challenges.


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