Hot Desking Mackay

Part of Birdcage Studios


Flexible and Convenient

At Birdcage Studios, we understand the need for flexibility and convenience when it comes to your workspace. Our hot desks allow you to work in a collaborative environment, without the need for long-term commitments or expensive overheads.

Our co-working space is equipped with high-speed internet, monitors, power outlets, and comfortable furniture, including sit/stand desks and ergonomic chairs. We offer flexible membership options that cater to your needs, whether you require a dedicated desk or simply a hot desk for a few hours.

Our co-working space is designed to be collaborative and supportive, providing you with access to a community of like-minded professionals. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, networking opportunities, or simply a change of scenery, our co-working space is the perfect solution.



All co-working and hot-desk bookings include:

  • Access to enterprise-grade wifi
  • Sit/stand desks and ergonomic chairs
  • Laser printer
  • Computer monitor for dual screen use
  • Kitchenette including fridge and coffee machine
  • Breakout spaces

Mackay Hot Desking