Collab Room for Co-Working and Training Days

Part of Birdcage Studios


The Collab Room at our Mackay location is an ideal space for small group training, workshops, or co-working days.

The room is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities to conduct engaging and productive sessions.

The room is fitted with two smart TVs – one on the wall and one on a stand with caster wheels – to ensure that everyone has a clear view of the presentation or training materials. The TVs also come with an HDMI cable and a 3 port USB-C to HDMI adaptor, allowing attendees to connect their devices and present with ease.

The room can comfortably accommodate up to 9 attendees with ample desk space and chairs to facilitate a comfortable working environment. The air-conditioning in the room provides a pleasant and conducive atmosphere for productivity.

Additionally, the room offers breakout access to our on-site kitchenette and bathroom facilities, providing convenience and comfort for attendees. Our kitchenette is fully functional, equipped with a fridge, microwave, kettle, and sink, making it easy to grab a snack or prepare a quick meal during breaks.

Overall, the Collab Room offers a comfortable, well-equipped, and convenient space for small group training or co-working days.


Equipment List:

  • Smart TV on wall with HDMI cable and 3 port USB-C to HDMI adaptor
  • Smart TV on stand with caster wheels with HDMI cable and 3 port USB-C to HDMI adaptor
  • Desks and chairs to accommodate up to 9 attendees
  • Air-conditioning
  • On-site kitchenette and bathroom facilities