Women's Fashion Retailer
It’s been outstanding, and I say that with all honesty and sincerity, the campaigns, the emails, the knowledge, the expertise has been fantastic for us.

ROAS of 5.6 & CTR of 2.07%


Increase in 750 subscribers within 10 days of new pop-up

Increased online Sales by 20%

Average campaign email generating around 12K

email marketing services for small business with birdcage marketing

Women’s Fashion Retailer

The client came to us looking for a marketing agency that could deliver them results. After successfully scaling from a brick-and-mortar retail store to an online shopping experience during 2020 and 2021, the client started to see their results slipping quickly towards the end of 2021 and needed to make the switch to a strategy that wasn’t so heavily focused on Facebook Ads and took a more holistic approach to marketing. Ecommerce stores across the board have seen an increase in ad costs and online competition and a decrease in online consumer spend as more people look to in-person shopping after lockdowns lifted across Australia towards the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. When the client came to Birdcage Marketing, they needed to see their business sales stabilise before they began scaling again.


Birdcage Marketing has taken holistic, full-funnel approach to the client's marketing strategy. We have been aiming to:
  • Drive brand discovery whilst nurturing existing customers through re-targeting methods
  • Drive campaign conversation rates + generate revenue ​
  • Increase subscribers to the email list​
  • Optimize flows to generate revenue
Actions taken in the first 3 months of working with the client:
  • Optimised website & shopping experience to increase Shopify conversion rates and average order values by 13%
  • Segmented audiences to increase returning customer rate and nurture avid fans by creating an online loyalty programme
  • Scaled their brand new Facebook Ads Account to $2k a month spend in 3 months
  • Generated $103,593.95 in Facebook Ads Revenue with a ROAS of 5.6 in month 1 of working together
  • Increased online sales attributed to marketing by 35% within the first month of working together


Client feels more integrated into their marketing process and in control of their numbers. The following results are from a brand new Facebook Ad Account from their first month of working with Birdcage Marketing: 17 Dec 2021 – 17 Jan 2022
  • Spend: $18,497.82
  • Cost per purchase: $20.28
  • Revenue: $103,593.95
  • ROAS: 5.6
  • CPC: $0.82
  • CTR: 2.07%
We Increased online Sales by 20% from November 2021 - May 2022: We’ve seen… ​​
  • An increase in 750 subscribers within 10 days of instigating the new pop-up, increased to over 1000+ new subscribers​
  • An increase in click rate​
  • The average campaign email generating around 12K​
  • The new Welcome Flow’s generating a 53% open rate, 14% click rate + 5% order rate

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