Honestly I just wish I had reached out sooner
I love that birdcage is willing to be flexible and tackle whatever I think needs the most attention, they don’t just run you through a “template” or stock standard program, everything is customised to you and your business needs.

My experience so far has been absolutely fantastic, its been exactly what I was hoping to get out of taking someone on to help me, as its been me wearing all the hats up until now so it can be scary to bring someone in on your business as it is your baby!

I love that we just get straight down to it, there’s no beating around the bush or telling me what I want to hear (which from watching Maddy’s tik toks that’s what I expected, and wanted)

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True Colours Clothing

True Colours is a Festival Clothing brand for girls who were born to stand out, who express their personality through what they wear, and they aren’t just the main character on festival day but every single day they are out there living their extra life!


I reached out to birdcage because I was staring to feel that I had taken my business as far as I could on my own, and while id created some awesome results, literally flying by the seat of my pants (LOL), I could see the potential for my business to grow, and I knew I needed someone who could help me level up in a big way. I had followed Maddy on tiktok from very early on and really loved her no B.S approach to marketing.


I am feeling so good now! I feel like I have a direction, I have a lot more structure and I feel like instead of “hoping” for results I have steps I can follow to CREATE results. Because I’ve followed Maddy on Tiktok for so long I had a rough Idea on a lot of the essentials, but I was struggling to go deeper. Working with birdcage has helped me break it down into so much more detail and given me so much clarity.

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