I would highly recommend the Birdcage team to anyone who wants to hand over the logistics of their social media and not allow it all to become such a chore. Then you can begin to enjoy your work life again.
The continual communication with the team is amazing and they really look after me, making my life so much easier so that I can spend my time doing what I love, writing and creating more fun content for everyone to enjoy.

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The Naughty Oracle

A slightly naughty no-nonsense spiritual tool to be used by everyone everyday to bring some joy and direction into your daily life. Each comically illustrated card shares with you what you need to work on right now in a fun, light-hearted, wacky and slightly inappropriate way. A little bit naughty and a little bit rough around the edges, this card deck slams you in the face with its spiritually authentic messages. On my YouTube channel I do a weekly video card reading from my card deck for the collective consciousness for the upcoming week. Sharing my intuitive insights into what may be happening during the upcoming week, and including my healing affirmations from the card deck guidebook and my own unique healing style, to help you shift your energy into a higher vibration. Be warned though, I swear, just to make it even more real! Feel free to join me every week for a no-nonsense spiritual view on daily life.


Before I began with Birdcage I was all over the place with my social media needs. I was just adding posts and ideas as I went along and had no real direction to help with growing my channels. I found this lovely team online when I googled local marketing companies as I knew I was drowning in socials and needed help and wanted someone in Australia that I could talk to directly. I haven’t looked back since.


As soon as I connected with this fantastic team I felt accepted and understood, even when I was asking my usual silly questions with my limited knowledge of socials. I love the ease and grace they display in all of their communications with me. Explaining the whole algorithm process of social media has been a steep learning curve for me but Birdcage does it really well with easy-to-read reports and infographics. My marketing manager has been amazing in helping me understand the whole process without confusing me with all of the usual jargon that comes with the tech side of life and explains every little step for me in language that I can understand. I feel confident now and no longer shying away from getting my name out there because I know Birdcage has my back.

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