For anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed and unsure what steps to take with marketing their business, I’d highly recommend the team at Birdcage and their consulting service. 
The entire process from my first discovery call onwards has been a seamless experience. I’ve felt supported, encouraged and motivated to grow my business more than ever before.




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Know the Rose

A breath of fresh, everlasting air for your home. Know the Rose spreads nature’s beauty all across Australia, with mindfully sourced, naturally dried and wildly unique flowers to brighten the home and soothe the soul. Know the Rose protects our natural home with responsibly sourced flowers, chemical-free methods, and sustainable packaging, dedicated to embracing and respecting nature at every step in the process.


Since launching, Know the Rose had managed to build a strong community and market the business through organic social media. It got to a stage where Know the Rose wanted to take the business to the next level, and after researching all of the different options - Meta Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads etc. Know the Rose began to feel overwhelmed with the possibilities, not knowing which direction would be best suited for the business. After feeling stuck, Know the Rose decided to reach out to us here at Birdcage Marketing and after the 15-minute discovery call, Rose immediately felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.


Know the Rose loves the holistic approach to marketing that the team here at Birdcage use. After only a couple of consulting sessions, Know the Rose already had a clearer understanding of the business as a whole, including its target audience, key messaging, and brand ethos. After getting clear on the basics, Know the Rose was guided through various stages to further develop its marketing strategy. The guidance and encouragement from Birdcage is Rose and her business so desperately needed. Rose no longer feels overwhelmed when it comes to marketing her business and looks forward to each consulting session, knowing that she will come out of it feeling motivated and excited for what's to come.

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