I definitely recommend Birdcage to anyone looking for a dedicated Marketing agency.
The team at Birdcage have shared with me so many things I would have never thought of, their creativity and expertise have already helped me tremendously and I am so excited to continue my mentorship and absorb as much information as I can to better my dog accessories business!

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Fur Baby Boutique

Fur Baby Boutique Australia originated from my love for high end dog accessories after I picked up my first dog, a dachshund named Benson. I became a proud and a little bit of a crazy dog mum. We are a vibrant brand who value your pups lookin’ good, feelin’ good and being the best at what we offer. We’re for dog mums who want the very best for their baby.
Our purpose is we help loving dog mums give their fur-babies the best possible life through stylish leads, harnesses and accessories.


I reached out to Birdcage Marketing as I was struggling to figure out where I was going wrong in my business, I knew I had a good foundation to start seeking help from the team at Birdcage although I knew I needed expert assistance to tell me the exact elements in my business where I could improve in regards to; how to engage with my audience/following, what types of content to post on social media, a website audit for optimisation, SEO, paid ads and much more! I knew my business was ready to take this step and that I needed to learn these skills so that I could retain them for future use to further my business. 


From the very start, watching Maddy on TikTok with her very authentic, no crap mentality, I instantly knew this was the marketing agency for me, I appreciated the savage approach and knew this is exactly what I needed to really tell me where I was going wrong and how to fix it and I didn’t have any regard about my feelings because I knew this would help my business majorly! Maddy reassured me before beginning the mentorship and really helped me feel at ease in knowing I would be looked after and my business would greatly benefit from it! The team have been friendly, professional and are experts in their field, they have helped me level up my business in only a short amount of time!

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