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Birdcage Marketing are a lovely team of people that really care, and they take the time to ‘get it’ so that they can craft unique selling points that truly align with my brand values.

599,922 impressions at an average CPM of $7.78


Click-through rate of 6.36% (industry average is 0.90%)

10,498 landing page views at just $0.34 each

51,784 video views at just $0.02 each

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Day Seven

DAY SEVEN was born from recognising the need for functional yet contemporary hospitality uniforms designed to be the last piece of the puzzle for elevated establishments. The brand is poised to be the go-to tailored work wear brand for contemporary, high-end hospitality.


The client chose to engage with Birdcage Marketing because she loved the idea of working with an all-women team, that could give her support through their expertise in all different aspects of marketing. DAY SEVEN had two overarching goals: one was to create awareness of her brand (which included honing in on the ‘who, what and why’ of the brand) and the other was to improve the customer journey of her website – it was time to upgrade from Wix to WordPress! Taking into consideration their distinctive brand tone and aesthetic, our challenge was to distil the essence of the DAY SEVEN brand and convey this in a strategic way; through words and website. Our Solution: Brand Strategy, Website Design, Social Media Strategy + Coaching, Facebook Ads


Birdcage Marketing developed a brand strategy that elegantly highlighted the ethically-made, refined and intelligence-led ethos of the brand, which became the basis for DAY SEVEN’s core messaging throughout their marketing materials and social media profiles. The strategy also underpinned the key content used throughout their new WordPress website. Balancing simplicity with a conversion-focused layout, the website represents the brand’s clean aesthetic and ‘shibusa’ vibe throughout the entire customer journey. The client then gained clarity and clear direction from our 1:1 social media coaching session. Our custom-designed strategy has given the DAY SEVEN team the confidence to DIY their social media content; building up their online community by producing content that inspires, educates and shares value. Finally, DAY SEVEN decided to enlist our Facebook Ads services as the brand went from “launch” mode to “growth” mode as the brand continues to disrupt the hospitality uniform industry by blending workwear with fashion.

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