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Increased sales by 505%


Increased online store sessions by 148%

Increased the average order value (AOV) by 7%

Grew a newly launched business

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Being a new brand, it's always difficult to start growing an audience and secure consistent sales; especially with a startup budget. Cactis.Co make lifestyle products to be used again and again. From stainless steel water bottles, smoothie cups and coffee cups to a range of accessories, Cactis.Co takes care of all your hydration and beverage needs.


First, we completed a full brand strategy to identify exactly who the brand is serving, what their pain points are and how Cactis.Co is the solution.
In such a crowded space, it's vital that the brand was clear on their niche and what they stand for to be the go-to brand for that audience.
Next, we created a campaign strategy and created Facebook Ads with a first step objective of driving traffic to the website and engagement for social media platforms.
We also developed a custom organic social media marketing strategy specifically for the brand and took the brand owner through an intensive coaching session to ensure all social media content she was creating complemented our Paid Ads campaigns.
Finally, we focused on building out email automations and encouraged email list signups to begin growing the brands first-party data (email list).


Over the campaign period we increased sales by 505%. As a newly launched business, the first priority is not always direct sales, rather, filling the top of funnel to create a loyal audience which delivers stronger returns over the lifetime of their brand engagement.
In light of this, we were pleased to have increased online store sessions by 148% and increase the average order value (AOV) by 7%.
Whilst these numbers may not seem big, it's a strong start for a new brand without an existing audience to sell to.

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