I can't recommend your services highly enough, thank you so much.
The team at Birdcage are so approachable, so down to earth, so full of knowledge and they answered all my stupid questions. They never ever made me feel like an idiot and they gave me so much education and training and I cannot recommend this highly enough.

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AQActive is an activewear brand that is specifically about helping women who might have a little bit extra and are looking to find activewear that fits properly, doesn't roll down, that doesn't dig into their tummy. AQActive supports women to go and live their best lives and get moving without having to worry about uncomfortable active wear.


Firstly, we created and implementing AQActive's Brand Bible. Which we went through in great details to help teach AQActive about what style of photography she should be using, what kind of messaging to implementing across social platforms, what the ideal client looks like and how to find them and talk directly to them.
Next, we began social media coaching as well as the development of AQActive's social media content strategy. We then moved on to the email marketing strategy, coaching and flow implementation.
Lastly, we finished with the Facebook Ads Coaching and live campaign build and provided AQActive with a website audit. 


AQActive have just finished the mentoring program us and here's what she has to say about our program. 'I cannot recommend this highly enough. What they do at Birdcage is different from anything else I could find because they teach you how to do all this stuff yourself and they leave you with a massive bunch of resources to keep you going over the months afterwards. They have experts in all different areas like email marketing, social media, website design and they give you a different program each month and then leave you with a whole document so that you can carry on with it yourself.'

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