2022 Marketing Trends and How You Can Capitalise

21 Nov 2021 | Digital Marketing, Growth

I’m not going to start this post talking about “unprecedented times” or how “the last 2 years threw us a curve ball”.

Whilst all of this is true; we’re all very aware of it.

Instead, I’m challenging lifestyle brands to look to the future (not too far, just a few weeks), as we prepare for what I believe will be the start of the golden age for online brands; if you’re willing to do the work.

Here are the top three trends we’ve set our sights for in 2022 and where you should too.

Shortform video should be your default form of content

Hands up who still chooses a still image as their default post type?

You need to stop that.

Social media platforms nor its users (your customers) have much care for an image that doesn’t move. And therein should lie your motivation to get over your fear of video and get posting; it’s a twofold situation:

If you post a short video, platforms will show it to more people.

And, if you post video that people prefer to consumer, more people will consume it.


Here are some ideas to get you started with shortform video:

  • Instead of writing a post about something, get your face on camera and talk it out
  • Create a TikTok or Instagram Reel showing your product or your process
  • Give an office/warehouse/store tour
  • Answer 2 frequently asked questions
  • Create a slideshow of your bestselling products or favourite projects

Tip: Our social media marketing packages take the pressure off by creating content for you and/or coaching you on how to achieve the results you want using shortform content. Chat to us if this is something you’d like help with.

User-generated content and curated content will need to work together

Let’s start with definitions:

User-generated content (or native content) is content that comes from your “users” (customers). It’s video and photo of them using your products or talking about your services. It’s captured by amateurs and it looks that way. Which is what makes it so compelling: it feels real and trustworthy.

Curated content is video or photos you’ve captured in a studio setting. It’s that squeaky clean, bright light, crisp image we expect on professional websites that builds a sense of trust that you’re a legit biz selling quality goods – not a backyard dealer who might disappear once a customer’s handed over the cash.

You can see that both types are important and have different purposes and you need a mix of both to achieve the top level results our clients chase.

How you can create a healthy library of user-generated and curated content in one hour per week

  • Have an automated email go to customers post-purchase which incentivises them to share a short clip of them with your product
  • Have a permanent mini-studio setup in your workplace to make capturing curated content easy
  • Keep tabs on your Instagram Tagged Images tab and grab content from there (make sure to credit the OP)

Tip: Creating content is one of the biggest challenges we see clients have which is why Birdcage Studios create both user-generated and curated content depending on the marketing mix right for your brand. Chat to us about these exciting packages.

A brand that’s for everyone is a brand for no one

Ok, this one isn’t ultra new; but it’s becoming more and more important as marketplaces crowd.

It’s not enough to say your target audience is “new mums” or “outdoor adventurers” or “dog lovers”. You need to be specific in which type of new mum / outdoor adventurer / dog lover your brand is for.

Personalisation was a big trend a few years back, and that’s parleyed into entire brands niching into serving a very specific type of audience.

How you can be the go-to brand for your customers

  • Get specific on who they are. Their likes, dislikes, values, personality and what keeps them up at night
  • Shape your brand messaging to directly align with and solve with their burning pains
  • Ensure all touchpoints and content reflect this strategy

Tip: our brand strategy package does all of this for you. We get deep with who your audience is and map out their pain points and how your brand is the solution to these pain points. So you can go from “selling” to “solving” and watch the sales roll in.

Want to align with the agency leading the charge with these trends in 2022?

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