Birdcage employees share their unique time management tips for business owners

13 Nov 2022 | Digital Marketing, Mindset

As professionals, time is our most precious resource. And often one of the most mismanaged among business owners and marketing teams. As a professional marketing agency juggling hundreds of different projects at any given time we’ve asked our team to share their best time management tips to help you stay focused and on track.

So, let’s not waste any time and get started!

Georgia – Business Development Executive: Always keep your goals in mind
Being part of the team that brings exciting new brands to work with Birdcage, I’ve learned how important it is to have your goals front and centre at all times. It’s too easy to get distracted with little tasks here and there that aren’t actually moving you forward. For me, having quarterly goals is important, but I then break these down into monthly, weekly and eventually daily goals. And I try not to overdo it. At the start of the week I ask myself “If I could achieve just three things daily that will move me closer to my goals, what are they?” and write these down at the top of my to-do list which sits on my desk. So even if my day gets away from me I can look down and know even if I just complete these tasks I’ve made progress. My fave planner is one from our client, The Sunday Notes…and they’ve given us a code so you get 15% off! Use code: BIRDCAGE at checkout.

Jess – Creative Director: Keep track of your time and tasks
It’s so important to have a clear plan of what needs to happen next especially if you’re relying on other team members to support you. I am also a big believer in tracking everything to understand where time is being spent and then reviewing and optimising my time. We use click-up at Birdcage for communications, projects, time tracking, and everything in between and it’s a true productivity maximiser.

Mackenzie – Marketing Strategist: A clean desk equals a clear mind
Sometimes when I feel like there are too many tabs open in my head I switch modes and tidy my desk. Taking a break from the digital jobs and moving around a little bit always helps to clean the slate. And a clutter-free workspace also helps. I make sure any sticky notes from the week before are GONE and there is absolutely NO need for paperwork to sit around on your desk. Either file it away or scan it and store it on your computer.

Harmony – Marketing Strategist: Get someone else to do the work
I mean this in the best way possible! There’s no rule that says you have to do everything yourself. For a lot of the business owners I work with through our Mentorship program I see the biggest place they get stuck is thinking they have to do it all on their own. The business owners that thrive are ones that know what they have to do themselves, and what they can give to someone else to complete. At Birdcage, we all rely on each other to get client projects done – no job is one person’s responsibility alone. As a business owner you should be relying on your team to execute, or if you don’t have one, that’s why you should work with a marketing agency / bookkeeper / VA.

If you’re feeling maxed out with your schedule, we can help.

At Birdcage, we’re focused on lifting the pressure of marketing off our clients and into our own (very capable) hands. Feel free to book a call with us about how we can help.

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