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We're not for everyone. And that's for a reason.

Any marketing provider who claims they can help *any* type of business is throwing red flags.

Gaining leads for a business consultant is vastly different from making audiences fall in love with a natural beauty brand.

(And we’re really good at doing the latter).

At Birdcage, we’re business-to-consumer (B2C) brand experts. And bonus points if you’re a brand driven by purpose and an unwavering belief that your offering genuinely improves the lives of your customers.

If that’s you, we encourage you to book a free Planning session (because you’re already ticking our boxes).

Book a free Planning Session

Follow the prompts and book your free Planning Session where you’ll chat with us directly and move to the next step of our client process: setting up a custom package.

Please note, we are selective with the brands we work with as we will only take on projects for which we know we can achieve positive outcomes. This call is the opportunity for us to meet each other, and decide if partnering with Birdcage is the best decision for your brand.

We do not currently service coaches or SaaS brands, and only some types of B2B brands.

If your enquiry relates to an existing WordPress website not built by us, or a Wix site, a new website will be quoted (this is often for the best). We only build on WordPress + Shopify with recommended, premium themes.


The path from here to working together

What to expect


1 | The Planning Session Call.

Before we do anything else, we go through your client application form and uncover a whole lot more during our Planning Session.

This is a Zoom or phone call booked directly into our calendar by you.

Before this call, we will have done our research on your brand and it’s current web/social/ads presence (if available).

2 | The Assessment

During our call, we’ll ask about your brand and what your current challenges are.

The objective of the Planning Session call is to understand:

a) if we’re a good fit for each other, and

b) where your brand sits with regards to our Birds-Eye Growth Formula (and where your action items begind).

c) Then, we share how Birdcage can support your business and discuss packages and next steps.


3 | The Sign-Off and Onboarding

It’s official; you’re one of us.

As soon as you complete that digital signature you’ll be invited to your personal client portal where the onboarding process begins. Here we’ll ask you to fill out more information about your business, we’ll gain access to your digital assets and the first invoice will be raised so we can get you booked into our traffic queue.

Once all this is complete, your client success manager will reach out to book your strategy call.

4 | The Initial Strategy Call

This is where we do the download. We listen more than we talk and our objective is to see your brand the way you do, then provide objective third-party advice as if we’re seeing your brand as a customer (this period is really valuable for us as we’re still not close enough to the brand to have a biased understanding).

During the call, timelines will be formed, goals will be set and your client success manager will then be able to set out the milestones for your projects.


5 | Work Commences

Now that we have all your information, assets and the closest thing to a download from your brain as possible, our internal teams get to work on crafting your initial strategies or briefs for review. This process takes up to 10 business days as we collaborate with the wider team to deliver campaign strategies grounded in creativity, data and past experience on what works (and what doesn’t).

Our priority is to balance our recommendations with your own vision to ensure we are aligned on the best path forward.

They’re a full service digital agency, which sames me so much time.

… approachable, easy to work with and professional. Plus, they get results!


Chasing Case

Casey Allen

They have been instrumental in building my business.

I could not rate Birdcage highly enough.


Performance in Health

Tanya Edwards

They understand the purpose of my company and its ethos.

Professional in communication and management of the project but super friendly, warm and helpful.


Adapt Drinks

Nicole Avery

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We work with great companies of all sizes and we’ve helped big name brands grow even bigger.

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