From launch to $147k with Pig & Pilgrim
Working with the Birdcage Marketing team was essential to growing our business – they helped clarify and speed up the process with no pretension or unnecessary messing around.

135+ purchases with a conversion value of over $144,246


Overall average ROAS of 28.77

964+ add to carts with conversion value of over $1.4 million

Went from a few hundred to a few thousand followers in less than 4 months

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Pig and Pilgrim

Pig & Pilgrim was born from a love of char: an obsession with flavourful, honest food, forged by the flame. Their artisanally hand-crafted parrilla barbecues celebrates the authentic Argentinian style of charcoal cooking, a trend that has caught fire in recent years.


The client had heard of Birdcage Marketing through a friend (who is our existing client). They had been getting some sales organically and knew they were onto a good thing, but they knew they had to get their product in front of more eyeballs to become a real success. They came to us with the goal to start online advertising. They understood that in order to maximise their chance of conversion, their brand needed a clear vision, and a better way to communicate that across their logo, website and social media platforms.


Initial Launch Birdcage Marketing created a brand strategy that distilled the passionate, authentic and old-world charm of the brand, which was disseminated into Pig & Pilgrim’s refreshed logo design and new website. Website The website showcases the product in action, highlighting the beautifully well made parrilla barbecues along with the delicious food that can almost be smelled on-screen. Organic Social Media The client gained clarity and direction from our social media coaching session, with templates and content strategy that are used to this day. This has steadily built up their online community from a few hundred to a few thousand followers in the space of less than 4 months. Ongoing Facebook Ads During the Facebook Ads campaign, Birdcage Marketing turned $5,132.32 in ad spend into $147,681.00 between Sep 2020 and March 2021 that an overall average ROAS of 28.77

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