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Now I have a website equivalent to the newest Mercedes 😉 My total dream! I still get all the feels when I look at it. If you want the very best in web design and marketing then they are your absolute go to, no one else compares in my eyes!!! A+ Service.

Strategic UX Design


Designed for accessibility & aesthetics

Custom Backend Administration

User optimised

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Nutritionista is an online-based nutritionist and educator. With a passion for advocating women’s health, they strive to educate, listen and support women – from balancing their hormones, supporting healthy pregnancies, to managing chronic illnesses and overcoming a range of unresolved health issues. They offer online courses, eBooks and programs.


The client came to us feeling lost and overworked. She had a website that didn’t hit the mark for her brand, and was discouraged from her experience with designers who had overpromised and underdelivered. She had too many jobs on her to do list and felt that a website wasn’t something she wanted to tackle without a professional hand. The Solution: A WordPress Website Redesign & Mentorship


Birdcage Marketing completely overhauled their existing WordPress website and transformed it into a user-optimised and visually delicious hub of valuable content. The user journey highlights the range of Nutritionista digital products and seamlessly integrates the site with the client’s existing online course plugin. The website is now primed for the next stage of their marketing strategy: paid ads.

Working with the Birdcage team is like having your best mate in your corner.

But they also have all the questions to your answers and push you in the right direction to make the magic happen.



Megyn Hayes

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