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We know we're not for everyone, and that's for a reason.

We live by the mantra that if you’re not purpose-built for a particular type of person or brand, you’re built for no one. And we live by what we preach.

In 2020, we actively made the decision to no longer take on every type of brand we had availability for and instead become far more selective with the types of brands we partner with.

Whilst this feels counter-intuitive to growth, it achieved the opposite and our clients have felt all the benefits of working with a purpose-built team that specialises in launching and growing lifestyle brands.

What is a lifestyle brand?

We define a lifestyle brand as being a brand that positively influences your customer’s life and allows them to use your products or services to encompass the ideal version of themselves.

Successful lifestyle brands are clear about who their target audiences are, what drives them and what kind of person they want to become, so you can deliver them a solution which helps them achieve their end goal. It’s not so much about creating the perfect skincare formulation; but about convincing your audiences that your brand will give them glowing skin even with a toddler biting at the ankles (of course, you better deliver what you promise).

Over the past 6 years, we have worked with product and service-based businesses in the following categories:

  • $Home
  • $Mum + Baby
  • $Family
  • $Pets
  • $Health + Wellness
  • $Fashion + Accessories
  • $Beauty
  • $Travel
  • $Luxury Real Estate

"... they take the time to 'get it'

What helped me decide to engage with Birdcage Marketing over another business was the fact that I could work with an all-women team. The process was really assuring for my business, and it feels good to put confidence in a team of expert women who are all here to back me in my business journey.

Birdcage Marketing are a lovely team of people that really care, and they take the time to ‘get it’ so that they can craft unique selling points that truly align with my brand values. They are thorough and attentive in their communication, so I always feel supported if I have any questions or concerns.

I feel that my project would have been more costly, and not as efficient, had I chosen another agency.

Molly Kent

Day Seven


"I'm not a lifestyle brand but I love your vibe!"

There have been circumstances that, although a brand doesn’t fit the “lifestyle” brief, we have still decided to work together as we share a common vision on where the brand needs to go.

If this is you, we encourage you to book a Discovery Call to discuss this further.