The surprising way to fix slipping eCommerce sales results in 2022

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– You are an eCommerce biz that’s not making enough sales online

– You’re wearing all-the-hats and not giving your marketing the attention it deserves

– You’re lost out in cyber space throwing money against a wall and hoping it will stick

– You are in the same place as you were 6-12 months ago: unpredictable sales, slow growth, still winging it…

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A holistic understanding of our tried-and-tested marketing approach; the key to achieving higher ROI, protected revenue and more sales!



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Maddy Avery, Founder, Birdcage Marketing

As a self-confessed business-a-holic; our fearless founder lives and breathes launching and growing online brands. With over 13 years of expertise in creative and strategic marketing agencies, her full-stack experience is used to amplify the investment of some of the world’s best online businesses. Back on home turf, it’s these same principles that have seen her scale her own business from a 1-woman-in-a-cupboard-sized-office-operation to the CEO of a $1million+ growth marketing agency.

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