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Unlock the Birdcage Vault:
Our insider marketing agency secrets revealed!

We’re demystifying digital marketing for business owners to grow their brands online – plus we’re sharing the mindset mastery you need to be the CEO you know you can be.

The rumours are true: most marketing agencies keep everything they know for their own clients

We’re not “cagey” [geddit 😉] at Birdcage HQ, which is why we’re sharing EVERYTHING we use to train our own staff into mindblowing marketers.

And now, we’re giving you exclusive access into our [not so] secret vault.

Get the insider’s approach to successful growth marketing, coupled with the mindset training you need to reach your goals

Whether you’re launching your first biz and want to make sure it’s a success, or you’re in growth mode scaling to your first 6 figure year – this membership will take you from where you are now [read: “WTF am I doing?!”], to the wonderful place your business deserves to be.

If you want to learn the trade secrets of our mastermind marketers [yes, the same ones that we’ve used to grow over 700 brands] keep scrolling down to find out!

Can we help you?

We’ve had so many businessowners jump at the chance to learn from our award winning agency; we finally bit the bullet and created something especially for you.

Hands up if you can relate:

🙌🏼 I’m wearing all-of-the-hats in my business – including marketing

🙌🏼 Deep down, I know I haven’t nailed it – my marketing doesn’t reflect the true potential that my business has

🙌🏼 Admittedly, I still define my customers along the lines of “women aged 30-45”

🙌🏼 I’m terrified of making mistakes and costly mishaps, but I don’t have a sounding board to know whether I’m on the right track

🙌🏼 There’s only so far I can go with Google and YouTubing all of the answers

🙌🏼 I want to work with a marketing agency but I’m not ready (I want to test the waters first)
🙌🏼 I need to understand what I’m looking at before I even think about working with a marketing agency in the future
🙌🏼 Business is a lonesome journey that really tests me mentally, I wish I had a support network where I can go to feel motivated and find momentum

If you’re raising your hands to the roof at ANY of the above, we hear you.

Heck, we SEE business owners like you every day. We know exactly what you are experiencing, and in a way, we feel like you’ve manifested the solution from us!

This is why we created the Birdcage Vault:

the marketing + mindset app that gives you the inside lane into the specialist strategies behind an award-winning agency.


As a member, you will be part of our inner circle, where you can learn to think, feel and act like a marketing expert, and take your business to a level you never thought possible (but secretly do!). You will be privy to the insider secrets that not only grows your confidence; but grows your business to 6-figures and beyond.

Your app membership grants you exclusive access to our Training Library and Template Library (the exact ones we use to train our own staff) as well as an invitation to our private community, where more of the magic happens – like monthly live calls and collaboration opportunities.

Plus, with handy features like sales trackers, selfcare trackers and marketing platform trackers we’ll make sure you’re keeping your eye on the prize.

Basically, you get access to the Birdcage brains trust, for a fraction of the price of working with us on a done-for-you basis.

small business marketing Melbourne with Birdcage Marketing

"I couldn't be more delighted at the results...

I engaged Birdcage after speaking to several marketing agencies. I was building a business from start-up and wanted a unique offering and a beautiful brand. Birdcage helped with every component from brand development, website, social media and adhoc market projects.

I couldn’t be more delighted at the results and have had many positive comments about my brand and website. Most importantly, the team at Birdcage are excellent, easy to deal with, kind and flexible. I am now in a long-standing relationship with birdcage where we work as a team on social media, website enhancements and adhoc marketing projects.

To be honest it feels as if we are all part of the same team which is wonderful when you are a sole trader. This arrangement keeps me on my toes and ensures that I give due commitment to important tasks.

I could not rate Birdcage highly enough. They have been instrumental in building my business.

Tanya Edwards

Performance in Health


We’re ready to be set free. We’re Birdcage.

Magnetic marketers, mindset motivators, margarita mavens 🍹

You wouldn’t go on a blind date without first sussing out their profile, so you shouldn’t engage with a marketing agency without checking out their credentials!

If you already follow us on the ‘gram, chances are you’ve met some of us.

The short story: We’re a holistic digital growth agency for inspired lifestyle brands

The long version: We’re a passionate team of marketers who see beyond ‘the product’. We see the founder who’s putting a piece of themselves into the world, the founder who knows their purpose runs deeper than just ‘selling’. Sure, selling might be the vehicle, but your destination is more than just sales figures. We see you, the businessowner who’s here to build a future, and a better life for you and your customers. And that’s where we come in – to help you solve real customer problems through your brand. To create a solid foundation of loyal fans, and to pave the path to long-lasting and exponential growth. This is Birdcage.

Now, Birdcage wouldn’t be Birdcage without our own Founder, Maddy Avery.

Maddy’s mission is clear:

Empower business owners to write their own success story through marketing and mindset work

As Featured In

As a self-confessed business-a-holic; our fearless founder lives and breathes launching and growing lifestyle brands. With over 13 years of expertise in creative and strategic marketing agencies, her full-stack experience is used to amplify the investment of some of the world’s best online businesses. Back on home turf, it’s these same principles that have seen her scale her own business from a 1-woman-in-a-cupboard-sized-office-operation to the CEO of a $1million+ growth agency.

“There are no shortcuts to building the business of your dreams, but there are strategies to make the ride a total vibe.” Avery, 2022


Dream It. Dare It. Do It.


Seeing is believing; we let our results speak for themselves.

From career coaches to coffee companies, all-women gyms to all-ages trail runs, we’ve worked with all types of lifestyle brands under the sun. 

“What do I get as a subscriber?”

“Wait, what do I REALLY get in this app?”

The approach to our app is the same as our 2-fold take on business:


A solid strategy; know the target audience and what drives them, tap into those desires to craft the right messages, and deliver them at the right time on the right platform.


Be on your own side, but get out of your own way. Know just how much influence you have over your own achievements, and build-in the systems to safeguard your success.

With this in mind, we’ve tailor-designed our app for you. That’s why:


✘ It’s not a long-ass lecture in a boring university-style delivery

✔️ It’s a sharp and straight-to-the-point video training session that sets you in the right direction, so you can apply it straight away to your business

Translation: we’re deep in the trenches with you. The knowledge you receive is the real deal – we use it within our own agency. Our training videos are practical and designed with business owners in mind, not tertiary students.

✘ It’s not about juggling an education with your never-ending business task list

✔️ It’s a jump-in-whenever-you-can video library that gives you immediate value

Translation: we’re conscious of your limited free time as a business owner, so we make it easy for you to learn at your own pace via our Training Library

✘ It’s not about blindly figuring things out on your own, costing yourself time

✔️ It’s about using the templates that the experts are using

Translation: let’s do things the smart way, not the hard way – our Template Library is updated every time we optimise our processes (which is often)

✘ It’s not about desperately Googling answers and second-guessing the search results

✔️ It’s about asking direct questions and receiving a truck load of support from Live Group Training and Q&A’s in our private Facebook group

Translation: you’re not alone anymore. You have the support of an entire marketing team who have seen it all (and then some), along with fellow business owners who are all in this together.

✘ It’s not about feeling like you’re your own worst enemy and maybe it’s you that’s stopping yourself from success

✔️ It’s about taking action to empower yourself and rewiring

your mindset to believing in what’s possible via monthly Mindset Group Trainings with Maddy

Translation: you are the backbone of your biz, and without the right mindset the business success equation is never complete. This small but significant element is the missing piece to what other agencies don’t offer.


But wait! There’s more.

You can get first dibs on our coveted Early Bird Foundational Memberships (of which there are only 25 spots!)


As a BONUS, you’ll also receive:

🦩 Instagram audit and report

🦩 Our set of Canva templates to instantly level up your socials

🦩 Shout out on our socials to over 6600 followers

All you need to do is sign up to our ‘Expressions of Interest’ list to get priority access before our public launch. (Then it’s first in best dressed 😇)

Question Time

What happens after I sign up?

You’ll have a spot on “the list” which means you will have priority access to purchase a membership 24 hours prior to our public launch (and a shot at being one of 25 Early Bird Foundational Members with the bonuses)

Can I become a member anytime?

Yes, once you become a member you will get access to our evergreen Training and Resource library, so you can watch-back all previous trainings and download all our templates.

What if I can’t attend a Live training session?

All training sessions and live Q&As are recorded so you can watch-back anytime.

What type of business is this suitable for?

We work with brands (service-based and product-based) who want to sell, without selling their soul. If you’re just starting a business, or been in business for a little while and starting to grow, this is for you.

How does the membership work?

Depending on your chosen subscription level, you have uniimited access to app features. And because we know you’ll love it, there’s no lock-in contracts – cancel anytime!

What if I realise the app isn’t for me?

Once you learn our trade secrets they cannot be unlearned. We don’t offer refunds because you’ll forever change the way you do business.

I have a specific marketing question, who can I speak to?

All of the action takes place in the Private Community Group on the app, where you can submit questions and make requests for certain marketing topics that we help cover!

I know diddly-squat about marketing. Is this for complete beginners?

Absolutely. Whether you have no friggen idea about marketing, you’ve dabbled a little or you’re ready to build out a serious growth funnel; we have you covered. We deliver everything sans marketing jargon – meaning we speak to you like a human would! This isn’t designed for tertiary students, it’s tailored to business owners who just need to get in and get the work done.


The Time Is Now

To get the marketing expertise you need to flourish, every step of the way.

Whether you’re terrified of launching to *crickets*, or you’re stuck in the messy-middle of growth…

We can’t wait to welcome you into our inner circle.

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