The Birds-Eye Growth Formula

Birds-Eye Growth Formula

We've developed a proven growth formula to scale brands online using world-class digital marketing.

We’re the only agency that can deliver a formula like this, because we’ve spent close to the past decade growing from a full-service agency to a full-funnel performance growth agency.

We know eCommerce brands worldwide have been calling out for a solution like this, that can be easily applied to their brand; whatever stage of business.

And we’re proud to be the pioneers to deliver it.


Birds-Eye Formula Results

Here are some results experienced after just 30-days working with the Birds-Eye Growth Formula.

In the name of transparency; please be aware that results are dependent on your current business situation. If you qualify for our formula it means we have no doubt we can scale your brand, the variable is how quickly this can be achieved as we must lay your foundations first.


What is the Birds-Eye Growth Formula?

A proven growth formula to scale brands online using world-class digital marketing

It’s marketing that considers all stages of the buyer’s journey, from discovery, to consideration to conversion (and beyond) and across many different digital platforms.

With our formula, each stage of the funnel and each platform has its own objectives and the priority is to move customers from never having heard of your brand before, to know, trust and like you, to eventually become paying customers with a high lifetime value (LTV).


The most important part is that they get my brand.

They don’t try and force it into a cookie cutter campaign, simply replicating what everyone else does.


Little Human Linens

Kellee Eriksson

Working with the Birdcage team is like having your best mate in your corner.

But they also have all the questions to your answers and push you in the right direction to make the magic happen.



Megyn Hayes

Birdcage will get your business in front of customers who want to buy.

And they’ll make the process easy, painless and value for money.

social media advertising agency in sydney working with small business client pig and pilgrim at birdcage marketing

Pig & Pilgrim

Alex Carlton

They take the time to ‘get it’.

So that they can craft unique selling points that truly align with my brand values.


Day Seven

Molly Kent

They have been instrumental in building my business.

I could not rate Birdcage highly enough.


Performance in Health

Tanya Edwards

We are already seeing fantastic results.

And I honestly just wish I engaged with the company when I first started!

social media experts melbourne birdcage marketing working with dance school client geelong dance movement

Geelong Dance Movement

Nikki Hyland

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We work with great companies of all sizes and we’ve helped big name brands grow even bigger.

What can I expect?

How is this different to what other agencies do?

Most agencies are specialists across one or two different platforms. Which is fine, if you’re ok with doing things like we did back in 2019. Now, with increased competition, increased privacy restrictions and increased customer expectations; that’s not enough.

With the Birds-Eye Growth Formula, we’re not relying on one platform to drive sales.

We’re also constantly replenishing your customer universe by seeking out new audiences, nurturing those who know of you but have yet to purchase, and delighting existing customers to spend more

Finally, we can adapt and adjust your marketing campaigns quickly to pursue more lucrative opportunities and let lagging campaigns go. Something other agencies are particularly poor at doing as it means they’re unable to continue working with you if their platform of preference isn’t performing.

Why does the Birds-Eye Growth Formula work?

We can achieve more conversions with a sales funnel by creating entire audience groups before they’re even ready to buy.

We reduce ad spend costs by using organic digital marketing to also drive conversions.

We reduce acquisition costs and increase customer LTV (Lifetime Value) by continuing to market to them after they purchase (existing customers are 70% easier to convert and you’ve already paid to acquire them, so future revenue is – almost – free).

We protect future revenue by diversifying your revenue sources (if one platform changes you still have many others delivering sales).

We reduce paid ad costs by using organic methods to drive up to 50% of your monthly revenue.

In summary: we deliver more sales, a higher ROI and protected revenue streams.


What kind of marketing budget do I need to work with you?

Our Birds-Eye Growth Retainers are premium, yet flexible packages which can be customised for your stage of business.

The success of our approach comes down to the fact we consider all stages of your funnel and all your touchpoints.

It’s why just running Facebook Ads or just doing organic social media won’t get results close to what the Birds-Eye Growth Formula will achieve; you’re only looking at one piece of the puzzle.

For established brands who want a completely hands-off approach, our full-service package is $26k per month + Ad Spend


For brands who want to benefit from a managed Birds-Eye strategy, then share the workload of implementation: our blended packages are between $5.5k and $15k per month + Ad Spend


For launch brands who want us to take care of the strategy and let us support you ongoing by teaching you everything we know: The Mentorship starts from $2k per month + Ad Spend

What platforms do you work on?

Ready to hear the best news so far? Our full-funnel approach means we can handle all of your digital marketing for you – in fact, it’s how we best like to work.

Here are our full capabilities, your personalised Birds-Eye Strategy will dictate which of these we bring in for your brand.


Where it all begins. Your brand strategy and visual branding is the foundation of your future success. We ensure you get it right.


Sales Funnels

The holy grail in growth marketing. Our digital growth experts can not only map your sales funnel for maximum impact, but will help you implement it with as little or as much input from you as you’d like.



WordPress + Shopify Specialists. Not your standard website – Birdcage websites are built for maximum impact and results. We’re a web marketing agency trained not only in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but also Conversion-Rate Optimisation (CRO). What does this mean? Basically, our sites get more visitors who take more action.


Pay Per Click / Paid Ads

Delivering high impact Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads and Pinterest Ads.


Organic Social Media

We’re experts in social media marketing for small businesses, including social networks Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest. And most importantly, we know how to use your social media presence to leverage these platforms to drive business growth.


Email Marketing

Often forgotten about but oh-so effective. When email marketing is done right it we’ve seen it increase bottom lines by up to 350% for small businesses.


Content Creation / Photography + Video

Websites, social media, paid ads, email… Without great content, none of these platforms can reach their full potential. Because developing strategic, unique and fresh content regularly is no easy feat, we support our clients with our full-service photography and video content creation services.


Studio Hire + Event Space

Coming Soon


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