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This month’s special offer

SAVAGE Instagram Audit

On sale for the month of July | First 10 audits receive over $274 worth of extra bonuses

It’s time to get SAVAGE with your social media marketing and unlock the hidden potential of your Instagram account. Inspired by Maddy’s very popular SAVAGE Marketing Reviews on TikTok (@maddybirdcage), you can now get your very own Birdcage Marketing Strategist to get brutally honest about your marketing at our most affordable rate yet.

This SAVAGE INSTAGRAM AUDIT will clearly show you where you’re doing well and where you need to focus your efforts when it comes to your social media marketing on Instagram. This snapshot of your profile is exactly what your potential customers look at before deciding if they’re going to give you the time of day and their hard-earned dollars – so don’t take this lightly.

$AU379.00 inc GST

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