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Welcome to growth territory

This is where brands come to scale through sustainable, customer-focused (see: non-sleazy) paid ads and sales funnels.

We know you’re on this page to hear all about how we make hundreds of thousands of dollars each month for our clients and how we can do it for you but more on this later.


First, we’re going to talk about funnels.

And not the red plastic kind.

If you’ve never heard of a “funnel”, it’s a marketing term for campaigns that guide customers to purchase from you. It’s taking customers that don’t know you exist and transforming them loyal customers who refer you to family and friends.

If you’ve tried your hand at funnels, you probably overwhelmed and proclaimed, “it won’t work for my business”. Or; you associate them with sleazy tactics, and gimmicky offers.

We’d like to dispel both of these notions, please.

Yes, you need a sales funnel if you’re going to grow.

Firstly, sales funnels are an instinctive way of doing business. You most likely have the framework of a funnel already in place and don’t know it. A solid funnel will ensure as many of your dream clients make it to becoming loyal fans as possible. And every brand wants raving fans.

However, a lot of funnels are Dodgy-McDodge. They use noticeable intimidation selling that you’d feel embarrassed to be associated with.

Not our funnels. Not for our clients.

Birdcage sales funnels feel natural, magnetise customers and deliver proven results.

After years of perfecting our approach, our signature approach to sales funnels comes back to intimately understanding audiences. Then, we position your brand as the solution to the problems that keep them up at night (yes; even a candle brand can be positioned to solve the most fundamental of human fears and challenges).

This is how we manage to achieve return-on-ad-spend results of up to 287x (full disclosure; this was a stars-aligning, one-time thing; but still, we pulled it off).

"Working with Birdcage was essential to growing our business

Our business was about six months old and growing organically. We knew that advertising seemed like an obvious answer to make it a real success, so I rang one of Birdcage Marketing’s existing clients to get some feedback. He told me that he had tried several other agencies with no real results, and that they were the first agency to actually make a difference in his sales straight away. That clinched it for me, along with the fact that I simply got a good vibe from the team.

Working with the Birdcage Marketing team was essential to growing our business – they helped clarify and speed up the process with no pretension or unnecessary messing around (there’s no WAY I could have figured out Facebook advertising on my own).

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, you have to outsource. Birdcage will help you get your business in front of customers who want to buy, and they’ll make the process easy, painless and value for money.

Alex Carlton

Pig & Pilgrim

Our Paid Services:

Facebook + Instagram Ads

A must for lifestyle product-based brands ready for a major growth-phase.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are a game-changer for lifestyle eCommerce brands. They are where your audiences are. And they anticipate your customers’ wants before your customer even realise they want it.

(Hot tip: Facebook owns Instagram and ads are managed through the Facebook Business Manager platform so we usually just call them Facebook Ads)


Our Facebook Ads packages are all-inclusive. Where many agencies require you to supply your own ad creative and text or won’t fill you in on what’s really happening, we do it differently.

We handle every aspect of running Facebook Ads including strategy, campaign build, audience management, creative development, optimisations, reporting and (most importantly) above standard client communication.

Our reporting metrics also cut the fluff. We don’t rely on “impressions” to impress you (anyone can get your ad seen). We measure our success on cold-hard-sales-numbers. For newer brands and campaigns, there are additional metrics we use to measure campaign progression; all is explained in terms you will understand (we promise).

Google Ads

Put your brand where your customers are looking for you.

Google Ads are an instant solution to showing up on page 1 of Google. And if you’re not on page one; you don’t exist. Our Google Ads campaigns can either be run in isolation, or part of a wider sales funnel strategy (where they perform best).

Hot tip: 96% of users won’t search past page 1 of Google. I mean, have you?

Birdcage is a certified Google Partner.


Pinterest Ads

Our most recent paid ads offering and doing big things for our Lifestyle brands. Pinterest is a big-fat-traffic-generator and when run in combination with Facebook Ads – can amplify results by at least 50%. Birdcage is part of the Pinterest Partner Program.


Ready to grow?

Use our knowledge and expertise to maximum advantage.

Agile Marketing Retainers

For all growth projects including paid ads, we’re proud to offer flexible growth retainers. Rather than locking you into one service, these packages are based on your selected number of hours where we can deliver anything from our full-service set of solutions.

These packages start at $2,800 ex GST for a 20-hour per month up to 200-hour per month retainers


Partner with a growth marketing team who gets it

Leverage our signature solution through The Brand Pathway™. Book your free Discovery Call now to discuss your options.


Do you have lengthy contracts?

No way. Some agencies require a minimum 12 month engagement term but we prefer our results to speak for themselves. All Birdcage retainers have a minimum 3-month term, with our larger packages requiring a 6-month commitment. This is less than most agencies but allows us to plan in quarters rather than a month at a time to deliver on our promises. It also takes this amount of time to start seeing steady results before we hit the scale phase.

Are results instant?

Sometimes! But usually; no. Our first month of working together sees us nailing your angle in the marketplace and understanding what your customers respond to. We then refine and continue to split-test over month 2-3. By month 4; we’re pulling in more consistent results and can start increasing ad spend to secure the monster sales months we’re all here for.

What is split testing?

The process of testing different variables (audiences, images, headlines, offers, ad types etc.) to eventually nail the lowest cost-per-result. We prolifically split-test during months 1 – 3 which means your ad spend may not bring in the highest return during those months, but you’ll be better for it long-term (this is what we mean when we say we create “sustainable growth”). Basically, if we only wanted to get you quick results we would switch off underperforming ads and not run any more tests. But once ads fatigue (and trust us; they always do) you’ll be back to square one scrambling for new ad creative that *may* hit the mark.

Who manages my campaign?

You are assigned a dedicated Growth Strategist  as your direct contact who will be with you every step of the journey. Think of them as your business growth bestie. Tell them everything and they’ll put it all into an actionable strategic plan to them brief our internal teams and get your campaigns happening. 

I’ve boosted posts before and seen no difference. Does this mean paid ads don’t work for me?

I think we’re going to need t-shirts that say, “stop the random acts of boosting”. Boosting posts on Facebook and Instagram is like throwing chucking 10 golf balls at a hole and hoping one goes in. It’s a waste of money and no reflection on how successful a fully fledged paid ads strategy will be for your brand.

I still don't understand what a funnel is.

Think of sales funnels like dating. You don’t just walk up to someone on the street and ask them to marry you. They’ll say no.

You need to take them to dinner (offer them something of value first).

Let them get to know you (your personality, your values, what benefits you can bring to the relationship).

They need to trust you (that you won’t take their heart and leave them with nothing).

Then; when the feeling is *right*, you get down on one knee and ask the big question, “will you conver- marry me?”

We use funnels not only to structure all the different platforms we should use for your brand, but also the messages and offers we use within the platforms.

Who creates the ads?

We do! From strategic planning, to audience building, to copywriting right down to visual ad creation. 

For our smaller Agile Growth Retainers we recommend brands create their own visual content to allow us to focus on the more strategic and technical work.

Depending on what your package allows, we can also shoot your products and create image and video content here at Birdcage Studios.