Strategy + Branding

Your (success) story starts here

Your strategy and branding are what make you incomparable to your competitors – making you the first and only choice for your customers.

Our strategy and branding agency approach set us apart from other agencies.

As experienced and highly trained marketers, we ensure your strategy is solid, so your small business continues to thrive regardless of the digital platform (and its latest changes).

Tactics are just the vehicle; your brand strategy is what’s driving it.

branding agency sydney and brisbane with birdcage marketing

the secret sauce:

“People buy stories and magic; not products and services”

We are already seeing fantastic results.

And I honestly just wish I engaged with the company when I first started!

social media experts melbourne birdcage marketing working with dance school client geelong dance movement

Geelong Dance Movement

Nikki Hyland

Working with the Birdcage team is like having your best mate in your corner.

But they also have all the questions to your answers and push you in the right direction to make the magic happen.



Megyn Hayes

Birdcage will get your business in front of customers who want to buy.

And they’ll make the process easy, painless and value for money.

social media advertising agency in sydney working with small business client pig and pilgrim at birdcage marketing

Pig & Pilgrim

Alex Carlton

They take the time to ‘get it’.

So that they can craft unique selling points that truly align with my brand values.


Day Seven

Molly Kent

They have been instrumental in building my business.

I could not rate Birdcage highly enough.


Performance in Health

Tanya Edwards

The most important part is that they get my brand.

They don’t try and force it into a cookie cutter campaign, simply replicating what everyone else does.


Little Human Linens

Kellee Eriksson

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We work with great companies of all sizes and we’ve helped big name brands grow even bigger.

Your Brand Strategy

The reality is there are plenty of other brands doing what you do and selling what you sell. But, your customers buy from you because they want to buy into your brand story, to be part of your universe.

Before launching any new business or new growth campaign, you need to be ultra-clear on your brand strategy and ensure your digital sales strategy reflects this at every turn.

That’s what our strategy services can do for both startup and existing brands.

Our specialty lies in lifestyle brands; however, we have strategy experience across various sectors, including professional services, hospitality, online training, and SaaS.

Brand Strategies to make you instantly irresistible

The What and Why

Magnetise your best customers without frustration, sleazy selling or endless promoting.

Your brand is more than your logo. It’s the entire experience you deliver to your customers. From your brand voice across your socials to the types of images you use on your website and what you stand for as a brand. As a small business, your brand strategy is often a reflection of your own values; but it’s how we position these values in direct response to your customers’ needs that build a brand with raving fans.

We recommend completing a brand strategy:

  1. If you’re just launching a business
  2. If you’re refocusing or pivoting your existing business
  3. If you’re about to launch into full-scale growth campaigns and have never completed a brand strategy previously

As a specialist brand strategy agency, our strategies are grounded in mapping out your target audiences, understanding their pain points and then positioning your brand as the ultimate solution to these pain points. It’s how we many you invaluable to your customers and leverage “pull” (rather than salesy “push” marketing campaigns) so you’re magnetic to your ideal customers.


Visual branding for brands with ambition

Your visual branding is your first chance to stand out and be seen. And the more you align your design with your customers, the more your customers will flock to you.

As a small business owner, we know you’re putting a piece of yourself into the world; and we want that piece to perform the best it can for your customers.

More than just good looks, our branding services strive to marry visual appeal and visual identity with strategic thinking to tell your brand story, raise your profile and, ultimately, improve your bottom line.

Logo + Identity Design

Beautiful creative with a strategic heart

Beyond a logo, our identity design services map out who you’re appealing to so we can deliver a brand identity that instantly attracts your ideal customers.

Your logo and identity are the cornerstones of growing a successful brand online and offline. And with our strategic marketers working in combination with our creatives, your brand will have the best team on its side.

We take extra time to understand your vision for your brand and then deliver a range of concepts for you to choose your preferred direction. We then refine this until you’re 100% happy and confident to reveal your brand to the world.


Graphic Design Services

Whether you require a digital or printed brochure, business cards, letterhead or any other marketing materials, our design agency will efficiently create marketing material that truly speaks to your customers.


Digital Advertising Imagery

Our brand design creatives work closely with our Facebook Ads and organic social media teams to supply them with fresh, targeted design assets to be leveraged across our client campaigns.  


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