SAVAGE Marketing Review Checklist

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Since our founder and CEO, Maddy exploded TikTok with her now-famous and highly sought-after ‘Savage Marketing Reviews’, we’ve been inundated with requests that, despite our best efforts, we simply can’t keep up with, which is why we have created our Savage Marketing Review Checklist.

By completing our 129-point checklist, you will be able to analyse your digital marketing efforts, identifying where you are on track, where you need to focus your immediate attention to stop wasting time, and where you need to concentrate your digital marketing efforts to improve your results.

What’s included?

As a full-funnel, multi-platform, full-service agency, we know the importance of having a solid omnichannel approach, which is why we have included all your digital marketing foundations, including Brand Strategy, Website, Paid Ads, Email Marketing and Social Media.

This checklist will review your:
• Brand Strategy
• Website (service-based or eCommerce)
• Email Marketing
• Social Media (TikTok & Instagram)
• Facebook Ads
• Google Ads
• Organic Google

Once you’ve completed the checklist your score will reveal exactly where you need to focus your time and efforts when it comes to your marketing, in order to make the biggest impact.