SAVAGE Instagram Audit

$AU379.00 inc GST

On sale for the month of July | First 10 audits receive over $274 worth of extra bonuses

It’s time to get SAVAGE with your social media marketing and unlock the hidden potential of your Instagram account. Inspired by Maddy’s very popular SAVAGE Marketing Reviews on TikTok (@maddybirdcage), you can now get your very own Birdcage Marketing Strategist to get brutally honest about your marketing at our most affordable rate yet.

This SAVAGE INSTAGRAM AUDIT will clearly show you where you’re doing well and where you need to focus your efforts when it comes to your social media marketing on Instagram. This snapshot of your profile is exactly what your potential customers look at before deciding if they’re going to give you the time of day and their hard-earned dollars – so don’t take this lightly.

Who this is for:

  • eCommerce, Service or Coaching brands (yes; everyone)
  • New brands who have already started consistently posting and want to make some serious sales through their Instagram
  • Established brands that are still using 2019 tactics because it’s all very confusing and the rules keep changing
  • Fellow marketers and agencies welcome!*

What they’re saying:


Who definitely should not spend their money on this:

  • Brand new businesses with no (or barely completed) Instagram profile
  • Our existing clients (if this wasn’t included in your package, let us know and we’ll take care of it)
  • Businesses who know they’re already making the maximum sales from their Instagram account

What you’ll get

Within 5 business days, our Birdcage Marketing Team will HONESTLY review the following and supply you with a written audit report:

  • Instagram Bio | is it setup to maximise discoverability and conversions?
  • Highlights | are you correctly leveraging this undervalued placement?
  • Three pinned posts | there is a very important strategy to these pinned posts; are you using it?
  • Nine most recent posts | yes, we’ll even be advising on your actual content!

Then, it’s up to you to make these small but impactful changes and watch as your results transform

BONUSES: The first 10 audits purchased in the month of July will also receive:

  • 30-Days of Content Prompts (normally $49)
  • The Viral Instagram Reel Video Guide (Normally $39)
  • Content Planning Scheduler (Normally $39)
  • Editing Cheat-Sheet for Viral Videos (normally $147)

Why trust us?

  • We really care about your success
  • Leverage our proven MarketPsych™ Approach
  • Experience across many industries and business types
  • Marketing psychology specialists – we know how to make your customers take action
  • Eight years experience working with over 1,500 brands, big and small
  • Multi-award winning, industry recognised and accredited platform partners

Remember, friends help friends nail their social media strategy. So let us take care of you.

Work with a Birdcage Marketing Strategist in 3 easy steps

  1. Simply order your SAVAGE Instagram Audit by checking out right here on the website. Be sure to include your Instagram handle at checkout and any other notes you’d like us to know.
  2. One of our brutally honest Birdcage Marketing Strategists will review your Instagram profile within 5 business days.
  3. You’ll then receive your completely customised audit report sent straight to your inbox, rating what you’ve nailed and where you’re bleeding sales so you can make those changes ASAP.



*We believe in collaboration over competition. To us, other marketing freelancers and agencies are colleagues with who want to share our knowledge. Through Avery Academy of Marketing, Maddy gives back to the marketing industry to improve the standard of marketing for all businesses. Let’s do better for our clients!