Maddy Avery

CEO + Founder

A clear mission

To empower business owners to take back control over their mindset

And leverage the power of the universal attraction to create their dream life.

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A self-confessed business-a-holic; Maddy lives and breathes launching and growing lifestyle brands.

With over 10 years of experience in creative and strategic marketing agencies, her experience boasts full-stack digital marketing which she uses to amplify the investment of some of the world’s best online businesses.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Media, Macquarie University
  • Master of Arts in Communication Management (Advertising), University of Technology, Sydney
  • Certificate in Account Management, Ad School, Sydney

Her approach to business growth is two-pronged.

One; have a solid business strategy, know who the target audience is and what drives them, then tap into those desires to craft the right messages, delivered at the right time on the right platform.

Two; be on your own side but get out of your own way.

What does that mean?

It means that as a small business owner herself who has overcome a range of roadblocks in the early part of the business, Maddy knows just how much influence a business owner has over their own success. If you aren’t showing up as your higher self (consistently), it affects how you manage your team, how you speak with your customers, how you handle bad news and the energy you deliver in your marketing.

It also means, that alongside keeping yourself in tiptop shape, business owners need to be self-aware enough to know their flaws and to hire around them. Building out the right support network is key to success. That means choosing the right financial advisor, the right staff members and of course, the right marketing team.


Creating the life you loveSharing the story

As a guest speaker for events and podcasts and contributor to publications, Maddy welcomes the opportunity to get honest and raw about what it takes to succeed as a woman in business, and makes it clear there is no shortcut to building the business of your dreams – but there are strategies to make the ride a total vibe.

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