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‘I can’t believe I lived like that’ : Lesson from CEO’S hardest year.


Maddy Avery knew she wanted to be a marketer by the time she was eight years old.

She and her family were on a trip to NSW’s Hunter Valley when Avery pitched how she would sell the wine at a particular vineyard.

The vision: women in flowing white dresses running through the vineyards with ribbons streaming behind – she even had the camera angles and particular shots down pat…


How Birdcage Marketing offers purpose, freedom and fulfillment for it’s all-female team.


When Maddy Avery ditched her day job to move to Mackay and start her own business, she made a conscious decision to prioritise what was important in her life – purpose, balance, family and a satisfying career…

Critical skill that helped 25-year-old build $1 million marketing business


As the CEO of a small marketing firm, Maddy Avery has worked with dozens of small business owners.

The most common mistake she sees them make is the same one she fell prey to early in her career: a failure to delegate and a belief that she had to do it all herself…


Building a million dollar business by working less with Maddy Avery


One of the biggest misconceptions around building a million dollar business is that it is going to mean working a lot more hours. In today’s episode, Maddy Avery from Birdcage Marketing shares how earning more, actually can mean working less…

Create a life you loveSharing the story

As a guest speaker for events and podcasts and contributor to publications, Maddy welcomes the opportunity to get honest and raw about what it takes to succeed as a woman in business, and makes it clear there is no shortcut to building the business of your dreams – but there are strategies to make the ride a total vibe.

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